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Saturday, January 6, 2018

What awaits you on the other side ?

Religions talk a lot about the story of what happens on the other side of death. The fear of the unknown is how they control the actions and discipline the disciples. The reward system of the beyond is how they attract the misdeeds from the unfortunates.

If it were up to me, I would imagine a better albeit a more stranger world. One in which there is an ongoing battle happening between two forces per se good and evil. The planet we know as Earth is just a form of training grounds, that is just preparing us for the big battle ahead. If you become a capable fighting unit and are selected to provide some sort of service to the war then you stay, else you are sent back to the planet to relearn.

The strange part is that this theory works really well for modern people who believe they are part of a matrix-like world and even for the people who believe their good or evil actions should be accounted for in the after. The biggest reason it should get support is it allows for a life beyond that of the regular uncertain mundane life we have here on the planet. There is also the probability of reincarnation in cases of failure but barring that scenario, it does not send you to the eternal life trap of either the complete happiness of heaven or the damnation of hell. It also does not send you into the sadistic end of nothingness that a lot now believe. It also does not deny the existence of entity /entities that are all powerful forces but just reduces the self importance that humanity has given itself in the entire equation.

One of the entegral part of religion that has eluded my understanding over the years is the 'Prayer'. It is simple to believe in something other than self that is controlling your actions and even your future in the land itself. My problem begins with the thinking that simply by requesting, asking or in some days bargaining with said entity be able modify everything. It is but a part of an ordinary man's life to believe that they can change their destiny, yet being able to do by just purely believing and with inaction seems conceptually wrong.

Take in the form of cases where in the first case a person who is only performing good deeds but without any prayer. If those good deeds are enough to gain entrance to the heaven or even find escape from the life-death cycle then wouldn't they make praying redundant. In case where only praying is enough then doesn't the nature of God itself come into a big question. Why would the almighty, omnipotent and omnipresent supernatural force be dependant on the actions of humans. Why does praying please him or not praying anger him. Should he not be purely independant force from the life and life choices of the humans he created. It is shocking to think that when people say that it is by the will of the God that they attained their destiny or their actions are being completely controlled by God. How can such God then judge those men for those same actions.

If my world would be the real one, I would retain my free will through my actions even after getting out of the world boundaries. Even if I end up fighting the battle on the side of the evil, it would be bringing me to the same battlefield as the do-gooders although on the other side. I understand that concept of such a world may not be able to give guidance or preach about the right path to take for all people but what it does bring to the table is the hope that our existence is not ending in a dead end. It is a belief for people that they will not be completely eradicated from existence or having to suffer the eternal extension where thay may be in heaven but they will continue to exist for no proper reason.    

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Nature is with me

Moon is always on my side,
Hence I can face the tide. 
Sun follows me whole day,
Bringing hope in every ray.

Grass is green around me,
so playing ball it is to be.
Sand is soft and tad tasty,
life is fun when it is pasty.

Wind is pushing me ahead,
giving plenty to run a red.
Water breaks up my breath,
to ponder any future wrath.

Fire always crackles away,
providing food every way.
Rock is my weapon or tool,
allowing me to set up rule.

Nature is forever present,
for rich and even peasant.
Loneliness is but a dream,
my friend is always seen.

Monday, March 20, 2017

The forest that was

There was a small forest near me,
with leafy greens and piney trees.
It lived a life undisturbed by deed,
around noisy roads and crazy beat.

Visiting it every morning and night,
brought true peace and often delight.
It was a place away from the crowds
where insects live and birds survive.

Shadows of the man casts a doubt,
In its mind either it kills or it plows.
Spending the precious time we have,
for flowery smell and fresh air we get.

One summer that forest was gone,
leaving hole and pained heart long.
Concrete was the enemy at land,
bringing our hope and roots to rot.

Humans were the culprits again,
touching lovely and thinking game.
Beginning to wonder all the loss,
to the wild nature and its maker.

Taking away the home of friends,
the earth will punish us in the end.
The costs shall be up manifold,
with every forest that today goes.

Moving again to a forest ground,
nature love forcing steps to rise.
Again have got a forest near me,
with different greens and new trees.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


The life of a warrior is the greed of riches and glory.
No war would exist if not for the greed of mankind.
The life of a merchant is the greed of profit and hen.
No poor would be found if greed could be vanquished.

The life of a priest is the greed of supremacy or future.
No souls would matter if not for the lies and deception.
The life of a farmer is the greed of grains and water.
No food would reach the mouth is not for grit and toil.

The life of a criminal is the greed of else and bit more.
No diamond is big enough to satisfy the growing appetite
The life of a hunter is the greed of kill and some skill.
No creature would survive for the monster with the gun.

The life of a leader is the greed of protection or power.
No mission would ever complete if not for their initiative.
The life of a parent is the greed of relation and blood.
No learning is better achieved than ones learned at home.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What are you going to do ?

The poor seem to have lost a cause,
Bending knee as every trouble came.
The runaways have never won war,
For their resolve is always the same.

The demons are the social spawns,
Bred by the selfish desires of one.
The lazy have stagnated in shell,
While they wait for things to run.

The rich may have found their way,
Fighting through the dust and rain.
The brave will find their success,
Walking beyond the fire and pain.

The angels live among the humans,
Providing help to those who need.
The diligent lead the life they want,
Shown in magazine cover we read.

The choices we make divides future,
As hunger drives us ever so closer.
No matter where your destiny lies,
The last survivor is never a poser.