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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Journey to understanding Life

A lot of people have given a thought to what makes a person click, what is that force due to which a person continues to live and not give in to a meaningless life. On one such journey to find the truth i have made a discovery, though not a big breakthrough still acts as one of the stepping stones in understanding human existence.

There is a desire in every person as they always need an acceptance to the good that they commit. There is a necessity for being recognized by the people they love. Every man and woman may sacrifice a lot for the person they care for without any materialistic wants but a tiny hope lies in their hearts that the person they care for would acknowledge their effort. Even the love of our parents that we deem the pinnacle of love you can get,   it is determined to be the most unselfish of all love in the planet but even this bond seeps its strength from the respect and love that is returned back by their children. They would care for you and assist in fulfilling all your desires without regards to personal gain or loss, only a belief that when you become successful in life then you would look back in time and remember the efforts they have put in.

I speak of these not to justify that there is no selflessness in humanity but rather to tell that every act of person that he has done for you must be properly received. Though a person does an act from free will and without thought of a personal gain but still he has hunger to be accepted and you can give happiness in their life by doing so. Spreading happiness around you will only mean more happiness in your life. When you take the things that your friends have done for granted then you deny them pleasure and deep satisfaction of having done some unselfish deeds. They tend to count them as their accomplishments and have more reason to live a happy and helping life. There is no shortcut of surrounding yourselves by good people than by keeping them happy and close to you.  

Monday, August 15, 2011

My college days

the lecture is so boring, i feel like snoring,
it makes me sleepy, as it gets creepy,
make him shut up, why we just put up,

topic is never over, but he just hover,
just call security, teach him some obscurity,
he just makes me cry, rather let him fry

class wants to study, they are so ready,
i give some pity, to faculty in the city,
if i could just run, i feel have much fun
Just let me FLY, FLY, FLY

people are looking, or just joking
class is finished, i am really famished,
why is he here, should i really fear
Just let me FREE, FREE, FREE.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dusty's testimonial

I thought to add the testimonials that people have written of me. In the hopes that they may have understood me better than i have.

Jun 6, 2010
Bahut he loving aur caring brother h,hamesha sabki help karta h, anytym.mujhe kabhi bhi kahi bhi jana ho to hamesha lekar jata h kabhi mana nhi karta h. mere bahut maje leta h kabhi koi chance nahi chodta mujhe pareshan karne ka but kabhi bura nahi lagne deta h....
mind bahut sharp h iska aur intelligent bhi h,sabki problem solve karta h....exam me sabko padata bhi h... 3rd sem se almost har exam me mene isk sath padai ki h, ise kuch padane ka bolo to bahut natak dikhata h par fir pada bhi deta h aur achcha padata h aur agar ise kuch padana ho to make sure tht he is not aware of anything abt the topic.Exam tym me sabse jayda enjoy karta h...serious mood me achcha nhi lagta hamesha haste hue he achcha lagta h....
Sumtimes acts childish & sumtimes like a mature & sensible person.
khana aur sona isk 2 sabse fav. kaam h,kabhi bhi sone ka bol do ise to ye so jayega....iska lapy ye kabhi free nhi rehne deta h,hamesha kuch na kuch karta rehta h...... 
movies,cartoons( gummy bears,aladdin,duck tales etc.) dekhna ise bahut pasand aur football matches me bahut interest h......
gussa bahut kum aata h ise par jab aata h to bahut khatarnak hota h,kab kis baat ka bura man jaye ya kis baat par ise gussa aa jaye koi nhi bata sakta...
sabki bahut care karta h par kabhi apni feelings express nahi karta aur shayad isliye kabhi-2 ise samajh pana thoda mushkil hota h....
meri har baat janne me ise bahut interest rehta h,me kab kisse kya baat kar rhi hoti hu isse ye sab pata akrna hota h....koi baat kabhi aisi nhi hoti jo ye kisi aur ko na bataye,kisi na kisi ko to bol he deta h.....
apni galti bahut kum accept karta h,atleast mere case me to kabhi nhi karta,ulta mujhi se sorry bulwa leta h.....
ye mera aisa bada bhai h jise mere bday ka craze mujhse kahi jayda rehta h,me bhale apna bday celebrate karu na karu par ye ajrur karta h,always tries to make others happy....thanks for celebrating it   
Exam tym ko chod kar baki pura time almost ye apne frnds k sath he spend karta h,ghar par sirf exam tym me he jayda milta h.....
He love mangoes very much,kabhi kisi k sath share nhi karta h....
Ise shayad itna pareshan puri colg life me kisi ne nahi kiya hoga jitna mene kiya h par fir bhi ye kabhi kuch nahi bolta aur na kabhi koi complain karta h .....
ek sabse buri baat ye h isme k ye kuch bhi bolne se pehle sochta nhi h,kisi ko bhi kuch bhi bol deta h tht sumtimes even hurts....
blackmail karke apna koi bhi kaam karwana ise bahut achche se aata h ise jaise abhi ye testi likhwaya h isne mujhse......
jitna sidha ye dikhta h utna h nahi.....
hamesha apne man ki karta h bahut kum kisi ki baat sunta h....kisi se party lena aur unhe gift dena kabhi nahi bhulta fir bhale samne wala kuch bhi kahe ya kare......kabhi dusro ki baat bhi maan liya karo especially meri  
yahi akela aisa h jisne pata nhi mere kitne sare pet names rakhe h,har thode dino me 1 naya naam milta h mujhe isse ( mene abhi tak tumhara liye nhi socha)......
Colg me sabse jyada sisters agar kisi ki h to vo isi ki h
Frnds bahut sare h iske,pata nahi sabk naam yaad rehte kaise h ise bcoz he is bad at remembering names
Kuch different karne ka ise bahut craze h par iska kuch different hamesha ajeeb hota h( jaise vo ajeeb lambe hair vo bhi color kiye hue
At last according to me he is a good judge of human nature also.....All the Best for Future & always remember ur sweet little sister!! Keep Smiling!!

Amber's testimonial

I thought to add the testimonials that people have written of me. In the hopes that they may have understood me better than i have.

May 6, 2010

DIGITAL.i will try my best to not to write ur deadly mischiefs.....May be if i do that most of the gals may block u .like the Cosmo of jayesh, is that really of jayesh or urs ? Ahh man it's hard to unfold all good time we had together in our journey .One of the finest days of our life.We four not just frnds.Enjoying our engineering days,bachelors parties with soft drinks. being eccentric.evry1 knw u yar. u r 1 of the most famous guy in our class with ur hair growing long.ur own different style of long T-shirts.Pple often talk abt ur pungent smell.. OK i think we should skip that topic..U r the brother of half of the college one gonna forget ur patalpani pics.that was one of the weirdest pic i had ever seen .Ur room is our home during the exam times.Trying to explain each othr which we our self don't knw.The night we went out in the indore roads around 3 A.M.After college these r the things which remind me of u.He dare to laugh in front's just a beginning of a new era for us.gud lck bro

Rajat's testimonial

I thought to add the testimonials that people have written of me. In the hopes that they may have understood me better than i have.

Sep 19, 2008

Though I am writing this testimonial, yet honestly speaking, I really don't know what all to say....I mean, Harshal has been my friend since 8 years. In fact, he was my very first friend at Indore. And even today I can remember the warmth in attitude and spark in eyes and smile on face when he had welcomed a totally strange boy called "Rajat" into his St. Paul's class-room.

But just as people say, rather "Sprite-people" say, 'Dikhave pe mat jao, apani akal lagao'- ye ladka vaakai kameena hai... apane ghar par to itna shareefon ki tarah rehta hai {especially when girls are around}, baki mere ghar par aake meri Wat laga ke jaat hai..

Ok, Ok, I think I am getting harsh on him.. but I just can't help it { ab bhadaas jo nikal rahi hai!!}. But sincerely speaking, this guy is really having a heart of gold.
He is one of those from whom you can learn a lot. He is humble, He is damn patient { that's why he can always tolerate my non-sense even for long hours}, he is caring { again, especially for girls} and he is always helpful. He stands behind his friends { and in front of his girlfriends} like a rock.

For me, he has always been a window to knowledge. Every time we meet each other, he has always got one thing or the other to let me know of { ok, not only of his affairs, but even interesting scientific research}. He has been, and I hope remains forever, a great friend, advisor and guide.

And yes, how can I forget?? I have been, in fact everyone who knows of it, jealous of his brilliant collection of books. Just as I mentioned, you can also learn the level of respect for Books... 

If you have really been patient to read this whole testimonial, probably you might have got an idea that Harshal is a "Flirt" { trust me, you are going in right direction!!} but No, he is, especially when he really wants to, a perfect Gentleman. He can be much more Formal and courteous than even me!! { you must be wondering ki main side by side apani tareef kyun kar raha hoon.. well dats ma style!!}.So Girls {espacially savita Tai}, need not to start getting ideas..

Yeah, that's one side of Harshal. Now a testimonial includes both faces of the coin. He may seem practical and straight forward to many, but trust me, he is damn emotional too. Probably that is the reason why he is at times confused {just like me}. Even now, he is really trying hard to prevent his emotions flow out on the event of Tai's marriage. but then, that's Harshal - tough from outside and soft on inside.

And now, as everyone who knows me knows, that i am a big-time lazy. So please, for rest of testimonial, refer to rest of testimonials written to him { I mean, jhooth bolne ki bhi ek limit hoti hai, main bhi ek limit tak hi jhooth likh sakta hoon}
Just Joking dude... for me, you would always be a Gem of a person..!!

Arpit's testimonial

I thought to add the testimonials that people have written of me. In the hopes that they may have understood me better than i have.

Aug 28, 2008
I've been his friend from a long time...and as far as I know, Harshal is the most helpful creature on this planet. What I like the most about him is his 'Never Say No' attitude. He will just accompany his friends in almost every situation when they require him...He is a very interesting person.. always cheerful, a bit funny, Tech savvy, A good football player, very intelligent, very talkative, highly impatient, trustworthy..................................... and above all a Great Friend. When you are with him it's guaranteed that you're having a very good and a memorable time of your life....And still that's not all.... the list is endless....Thanks a lot Harshal, for being my friend.....and for all the moments we shared together...........

Dimpy's testimonial

I thought to add the testimonials that people have written of me. In the hopes that they may have understood me better than i have.

April 23, 2008

This intelligent guy is nice, faithful, ambitious, kind, enjoyable, sensitive, caring, friendly,cool,full of life, cute & sometimes
sweet.But, what he is, is true friend . Harshal enjoys every second of life.He's unique, special,sensible, one of kind & i culd never hv found a better frnd. U can have a blind faith on him...Jst as he is among my best friends. He's bad at names,loves to sleep n read novels.He's caring n helpful by nature, always available whn u need him, never says no if he can help it, will never let you get bored, is a big chatterbox. U'l never feel odd in his company. Whenever u want 2 talk 2 him u'l find him there. He is always there to help u, always in a funny mood,& ive never seen him serious. He's a prankster, & a very gud liar so beware of him.

Bhushan's testimonial

I thought to add the testimonials that people have written of me. In the hopes that they may have understood me better than i have.

April 7 , 2008 sahabjaade ke baare mein main kya of the best speakers i hav seen in my life...........and no doubt very hard working and intelligent ....possesses awesome combination of vocal skills and intelligence......and most importantly an interesting person.
ok charhate, yaar ab isse jyada jhooth nahin bola jaata... .Isliye ab thoda sach. Ek number ka nikamma hai........aajtak isne sirf aur sirf ek treat di hai aur wo bhi tab jab meri jab khali thi aur wo bhi "aapas mein baaat li" .ye kabhi kisi ko chain se khane bhi nahi deta. Aur to aur koi treat de raha ho to he is the first one present there.
newayz,Very nice person to be with and a very nice friend of mine . True that some of the moments with him in IIT ROORKEE & DELHI are those which i would cherish throughout my life...................

Ankur's testimonial

I thought to add the testimonials that people have written of me. In the hopes that they may have understood me better than i have.

April 5, 2008

harshal ke baare main thoda mushkil kehna .hain.................he is digital tats means he likes gadgets and so on.............but jo bhi ho he is sweet caring and helping nature .............................kabhi kabhi ajeeb harkat karta hain................but thik hain hum chala lete hain................................but jo bhi he is always gud frd of mine.......................haan one never change for any one..............................haan ek baat to batana hi bhool gyi he like reading novels.....................haan ab bahut tarif ho gyi na................but jaise bhi ho yeh mere bahut acha frd hain.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 20, 2010

i don't know kaha se shuru karu....haan yaha se start karti hu harshal ko first time clg me dekha tha tab dekh kar laga yeh kid jaise dikhne wala ladka clg me kaise aa gya...phir baad me jakar pata chala yeh mera hi clsmate hain...cls me sab isse DIGITAL kah kar bulate hain...

Harshal is very intelligent,ache blogs likhta hain...haan thoda naughty hain but have very understanding and caring personality hain jo sabki help ke liye hamesha ready hota hain....yeh kabhi kisi ke birthday nai bhulta hain yeh sabse achi aadat hain....isme..

ab achai toh bahut ho gyi thodi burai bhi kar di jaye.....mujhe pareshan karna sabse buri aadat hain...aur logo se party magna..ulte kam karna yeh sab uski buri aadato me shamil hain.......

Harshal mera acha frd hain...god ko thanks aise frd se milvane ke liye...main hamesha god se pray karugi iski success ke liye..hamesha apni sis ko yaad rakhna...
ALL D BEST for future.

Monty's Testimonial

I thought to add the testimonials that people have written of me. In the hopes that they may have understood me better than i have.

A Brother is a treasure and he being mine ,
brings sunshine to brighten your days,
that's found in his warm , loving ways.
Prankster, cool dude, silent listener, practical,
understanding and book worm( except course ones)
in his own sense.
Live Life King Size and enjoy it to the fullest...

I wish joyful songs are always with you,
so that your life is full of joys and happiness.
Take Care
Your only cute, loving, pareshan karnewali,hitler ,

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Modesty And Education

It is an inference that came after years of watching the ways of the world. The educated masses are the ones that are more modest. It is people who have achieved great heights that realize the effort of others. It is a common tendency among the learning, which is to pull everyone down to push yourself up. It is the learned that will help others to grow and sustain together while pulling everyone up to where they are standing.

I have read it in the novel "Who moved my Cheese" and an old literature poem about how, 'Life is just an endless race.' People will always want to change and always seek to be better than others. It is not about being better but about being different. You may have beaten endless people to reach where you are but a true winner is the one who does not have to stand alone. It is a dream of every person no matter how small or big, to one day become successful in his own eyes. This success is no more of a myth than that of a perfect crime. You can never be more successful than a person next to you but you can easily be as successful. People with desire of money would say is Carlos Slim(richest guy and yes it is not Bill Gates) not the most successful. The answer is in yet another question 'Would you say he is more successful than Laxmi Mittal or Warren Buffet.' If you say yes to that then you should stop reading here as the concept is way over your head. Maybe try reading some years from now. Those who have understood, the concept is simple to be successful in life you must not put your success before others but with them. If you can do that no matter how unsuccessful you are, you will have the satisfaction of never being alone. :) 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


When we hear from our parents, how people use to live in the olden times. A picture is generated in our minds and that picture gets more clear from the readings of books from that era. It was the same from me and i had developed a vision that meant to me to be the golden period of humanity. It was never that people were not selfish then or there were no wars. It was the importance given to the human values and significance given to what was believed to be good for society.

In such a modern time where people are unusually self obsessed. Where values such as truth and freedom have no meaning, and they have just became meaningless words. It raises doubt and concern on the direction of development. The reason people are now going into information age. They know what is right but what they don't know is doing the right thing. People know speaking truth is important and lying is a sin. What they have learned is the art of deception. We make our own secrets that we keep not realizing that only those have reasons to hide that believe they are in the wrong and such wrongdoings must be protected from the knowledge of society. While hiding feelings that may harm others is not in the wrong but hiding your own doings is simply knowing what was done was not right and trying to hide it makes the sin greater as it creates a coward who can not bear the consequences of his or her own actions.

What they do not understand is that every truth comes out some day and all there fears may come true but hiding from that fear would never let you live like a man. Conquering fear is not in living with it but understanding it to remove it from your mind. Only then would you be able to truly conquer fear. So shun from keeping any form of secrets from your friends or anybody for that matter and you will see a change not only in your life but in the society itself. For when you change the society changes with you.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It starts like a bud, and continues to grow.
It meets us in bed, when dreams just flow.

I began very small, for road was very long.
I had many fall, only to make me strong.

The goal was set, mind was prepared.
Mistakes were met, as i just lingered.

With each step i take, making huge mistakes.
More progress i make, losing lot in stakes.

Facing lot of trouble, In form of many foes.
Made me effort double, As new friends rose.

Getting every desire, is just a miracle.
It gets us happier, creating much crackle.

As ambition is achieved, satisfaction is complete.
Life is fully perceived, living becomes obsolete.