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Sunday, November 3, 2013


The land is a mass of mud and beast,
and the sea a web of rivers and trails,
Sunshine is the heater that never stops,
while rain are showers removing crust.

No cause is greater than fighting for self,
this battle is fought for the future and kid,
No deed is bigger than protecting land,
why are we letting them raze and escape.

Nature provided everything he needs,
yet his need does continuously reap,
Balance of world is shifting forever,
As he is closer to being demolished.

We may have struggled for truth and won,
or opposed the system and in the end lost,
Yet courage is the quality not mind but heart,
which pumps blood while we choose to live.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

War Horse

It was a windy day,
when I saw it first.
It was a foggy night,
when I had the dream.

It was faster than leopard,
when it moved.
It was stronger than elephant,
when it fought.

It had a fierce anger,
with which it just played.
It had a rapid pace,
with which it easily moved.

It had a killer streak,
as it removed all enemies.
It had a peaceful end,
as his dead body dries.

My wife

Rats all around us,
eating and eating.
Pigs all about us,
rolling and rolling.

It is not like a stable,
Not even like a sty.
It is just my kinda life,
Without my dear wife.

It starts with a journey,
And ends with a life.
It has its shares of ups.
and plenty more downs.

You will gain some money,
After sometime a wife.
But the road is a bit uphill,
Your dreams are downhill.

Lost in song

My mind is flowing like a river,
All thoughts just wander away.
My eyes keep searching around,
For glimpses that cant be stolen.

In the game of life and death,
It is the friends that shall matter.
In the fields of battle and will,
Your family is that lends hands.

For life gives obstacles unseen,
desire and effort became shield.
Crossroads at every decision,
Skill and Patience are able guides.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

In love lies the Mystery of Death

I have died and reborn as the undead king,
I had lived yet never heard the death sing.
Creeping at the soul of my heart was the raven.
Reeking of the blood is the sword of the one.

There lies no tomorrow to the heathen sky,
Here truth falls down smitten but the lies fly.
Sleeping in the corner is the man of old.
Living in the shadow looking for pot gold.

Graveyard stone writes the tale of my world,
Winds of time are looting the ashes in mound.
Stars are there while all men I knew are gone,
For better life or journey one awaits no more.

Lying still is the path that I had once taken.
Long gone is the time that leaves were shaken.
There was no more the noise that I hated.
Nor is the touch there of the ones I loved.

// Dil pe kabu kar le vo insaan kahi nahi... Khuda bhi ishq ke samne har man leta hai....
  Hum bhi ussi khuda ke pashinde hai...Ishq me har jaate hai ishq se nahi har sakte...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Walk like a child

An adult will walk with only his destinations in mind..... A child enjoys his journey.... An adult always walks straight while a child walks whichever way he likes... An adult is ever cautious with every stranger he meets while a child trusts any person with his life.

How O how i dream to walk.
Why O why i cant just talk. 
My brain is set with my home. 
My heart just wander in Rome.

Flying is my heart and soul.
Crawling is my hope and goal.
The rope is set so tight around.
The wall has got me fully bound.

The wind calls me towards it.
The forest beckons me to sit.
Everything has me perplexed. 
Something has got me flexed.

I want to go live back in ages.
Out of these big bitter cages.
Freedom is what I want now.
For every person that I know.

Simple life would be so easy.
It would then just seem crazy.
Push and pull with fun all time.
With no thought if this is crime. 

Just like a child I want to walk.
Knowing that my life will rock.
Give me back that simple heart.
Take what you gave of your art.

I want to do the boo-boo again.
There was no need for any gain.
Call me when the world change.
Then I will be back in my range.

Friday, June 21, 2013

War - Yesterday, Today and Tommorow

Slave of the dark ages would fight for some food..
Soldiers of the new world battle for every route.
Robots of the future shall destroy for our demand.

Iron and blade were the force that dictated terms
Guns and nukes are the tools determining all rules.
Brains and lasers will be the new forms of justice.

Horses used to be the rides of choice for princes.
Tanks are the vehicles of doom for the powerful.
Drones shall be the final harbingers of utter death.

//Just for comic relief//

Women of ancient times controlled the homes
Women of present day try to control a lot
Only women in future can control their lives

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bored play of words

love is not a mere friendship,
love is not having everything,
love is not caring completely,
love is not trusting heartedly,
love never has any justice
love never has any peace
love never has any innocence
love never has any satisfaction
love is really a big mistake
love is really a broken vase
love is really a huge deception
love is really a errored decision

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Romantic movies

Although my most favorite genres in the movie arena would be the fantasy, scifi or comedy movies. I did end up watching an occasional romantic movie here and there. Finally that I have taken the task of finishing a list of romantic movies given by my friend as a must watch. So I just wanted to write the untainted list of my favorite romantic movies before starting the journey and then another list at the end of it. So of all the romantic movies that I watched till date for change of mood. These have become my favorites.
I hate ranking the movies so consider them as top 3 and not really as one better than the other.
"P.S. I love you" ,  "Walk to remember"  and "Serendipity". Of the three Serendipity seems to be the  only movie in which the protagonist survives at the end of movie. I have made an uncanny assumption that death and tragedy are always the ultimate test of love. Any love that survives beyond  the death of someone , is the one worth remembering. Yes "Music and Lyrics", "Sleepless in Seattle" "500 days of summer "or "Wall-E" were pretty good movies too but they did not have what it took to make the list of best three.
I watched P.S. I love you one the advice of my girlfriend so that was a period when love was in the air and Ireland was always my dream location for it's castles. Combining the two with the excellant storyline and human pyschology. I really wanted to have a girl whom I would love so much. I remember watching Walk to remember as eveyone in my college was watching it and qouting from it during college. The storyline of the movie left a vacant spot in my heart. The need to have a person to share your life with you. It had all the facets of love life in it. Finding someone, getting to know them and realizing you need them to be with you forever. It was also an example of perfect love and no depictions of sex or infatuations. I do not even remember why or when I saw Serendipity but it had stayed in my laptop for long time. The reason I liked it was the hope that destiny is designed to find us our true love and how small things in life can effect it as a whole.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Things woman say just to annoy you

How do I look - You look the same as you did yesterday. Dress, makeup or time of day does not alter your looks. That is just a myth propagated by the companies to increase their profit. It is the first example of consumerism everybody is told and no girl remembers. It is also a fact that every hour you keep on asking such questions only allows us to realize that may be you have some big issue that we may have missed. 

You are one of my 3 closest friends - It is customary among people to talk about their old friends to find any common one. While the guys show off the number of their friends by telling how they have plenty of friends. The girls pick just 3 and tell you that you are one of them. The figure never changes it is always 3 no matter even if you ask how many relations you have had before me. Every time you tell me that I think well it is clear that she is non-friendly in nature and I am one of the only foolish people who did not know that. So thanks for the information. 

I always wanted to marry someone better than me - The icing on cake is when they such a thing to you on first day you meet. It just creates a curiosity in my mind that if as you say somebody is way better than you then why in the whole wide world would he choose to marry you. A simple example that I gave to the last girl who told me that is for when you are selecting a guard. We need to a find a person who will protect you and not someone who is stronger than you. Similarly find someone who would spend the rest of their life with you and not someone who would leave you the moment he realizes either of the two things. First as you said he is way better than you. Second he has found someone else who is better than you and he does not want to settle for second choice. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Karo jo karna hai par

Satya hi ekmatra yantra hai,
Nisha hi ekmatra aanth hai.
Purush ka maarg satya ho,
Naari ka mitra nisha ho.

Parishram waqt ki jarurat hai,
Abhyas mein hi puri taqaat hai.
Prani ko parishram safal banayega,
Sansaar mein abhyas kam aayega.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Purush ki Zindagi

Sahil pe nigahe hai,
Manzil ka intezar hai,
Jungal me bahaar hai,
Saathi ki talaash hai.

Khatron se khelle hum,
Angaron pe chale hum,
Dosti ko le ladaay hum,
Dushman ko khoy hum.

Vatan pe tu fakre rak,
Insaan me tu aitbar rak,
Rishton pe bharosa rak,
Khud me tu vishwas rak.

Badlov Me achchai ho,
Karma me kashish ho,
Samay pe pakkad ho,
Niyam pe sab atal ho.

Jab tune ye pa liya,
Jahan tune maan liya,
Sab kuch haasil liya,
Khushi se baant liya.

Safalta phir mil jayegi,
Mukti bhi mil jayegi,
Gyan tujhe mil jayega,
Paarush bhi mil jayega

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Logic in my life

All say - Marriage + Love == Happiness
You say - Love == Happiness - Marriage
We know - I + You == Love + Happiness == Happiness - Marriage + Happiness
So I say == I + You + Marriage == 2 Happiness

Sunday, April 14, 2013


// Dedicated to the multiple deaths that have taken place around me.....

An untold journey it was always going to be,
No words would be able to tell it to you,
For you could not realize it ever completely,
The day it had begun it had already ended.

His life had just started to get bit interesting,
People home would still love him today.
Meaning was the only phase he never knew,
Cut short was the happiness in whole family.

He had worked very hard to get where he is,
Struggle in life kept him awake at nights.
Never was he able to enjoy fruits of labor,
It came as another pain in his thorny road.

There was nothing left that he still need to do,
Nowhere would they find things interesting,
Satisfied completely from what life became,
He never realized when it came and he went.

P.S. - Each stanza stands for death during a phase of a man's life, as child/young/adult or old.......

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What to do about Tomorrow's class

Riding on a bus is so much fun,
Looking out as the world goes by,
Peeking at the road left ahead,
Calling n the the friends we hit.

Riding in a car is so exciting,
Fighting with anyone for shotgun,
Acting special to people on cycle,
Reacting hard with rule breakers.

Travelling on foot is very special,
There is place you can't venture,
Feeling of adventure is always high,
Screaming at everyone getting in way.

Sleeping on bed is best option,
Under the blanket there is no cold,
The mind is left to endlessly wander,
Nobody is there disturbing our lives.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Never trust a girl

I mean no offense to any girl. I just took motif from Axe Chickipedia which is a comic program on the stereotypical females of the modern society which goes under the impression that boyfriends are there to please them. How a innocent young man falls in love with such a woman is what the poem is really about.

She called me a dump,
and I told her she could use me as one.
She called me a fool,
and I let her tell me all that she wanted.

She said I was a liar,
so I gave my entire list of inner secrets.
She said I was a cheat,
so I gave away all my new friendship.

I treated her to lunch,
yet she always asked for the dinner.
I took her shopping,
yet she always asked for long drives.

I called her my love,
but money was all that she needed,
I called her my life,
but death is what she finally gave me.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2 kids in a park

Me and you were such babies
Playing in the sand whole day.
We had fun with time abound
No care if it was not Sunday.

When did we grow so much,
To forget all the joy we had.
Even now as the live gets old,
We can still be 2 kids in a park.

I used to love you like a child,
It was all getting so very wild.
Now you forced me to grow,
It is only the hate that will flow.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Kal Aur Aaj

Taron ke bich me chand ko maine dekha tha,
Foolon ke bich ek gulab ki maine mehak li thi

Tumhe milne pe aisa laga jaisa sab mil gaya
Tumhare jaane pe yun lage ki dadkan chali gayi

Jis pal ko tumhe pehli bar dekha hai maine
Us din se palkon me sapne chupaye hai maine,

Un taaron me tumhe khojne do dil karta hai
Us upvan me tum sang khelne ko ji karta hai

Har lamha bas tumhe yaad karta hu me,
Har tanhai par tumhe dhundta hu me ,

Taron ke bich me chand ko maine dekha tha,
Foolon ke bich ek gulab ki maine mehak li thi.

Kayi parvat hum sang sang par kar gaye,
Par kuch kaate milne pe saath chod kar gayi.

Andhere rasto me bhi hum chalte chal jate,
Din ke ujale me kyu tanha chod kar chali jati.

Deware kitni bhi ho humme vo no rok pati,
Darwaje akele hi aaj humme alag kar paya .

Ishq hum karte the sabse chhip-chhip kar,
Dhoka humme de gayi tum sabko bata bata kar.

Taron ke bich me chand ko maine dekha tha,
Foolon ke bich ek gulab ki maine mehak li thi.

Waqt aisa badla aaj hum dono ke bich,
Dosti thi jo pyar me ab vo nafrat rahi sich.

Mehnat se banaya tha humne mil jo rishta,
Khoon ki nadiya bhi ab na jod paye vo rishte.

Naazro ke samne dekh dil dhadka karta tha,
Ab tumhari yaad aane par aag bhadka karti thi.

Tumse baat karne mann jo hamesha kehta,
Aaj har ek awaz tumse badla lene ko hi kheti.

Taron ke bich me andhere ko maine dekh liya,
Foolon ke bich in kaaton ko maine mehsus kiya. 


Saturday, January 19, 2013


Love is my only hope,
Kiss is my only desire.
Faith can always leave,
Hug will always heal.

Greed shall now weep,
Anger shall now flee.
Suffer is on its end,
Life is on its way.

Friday, January 18, 2013

To the One who got Away

I wont say "I'll never make u cry"; Bt I'll make u smile before ur tears get dry..., I wont say "I'll never tell u a lie; But If I do, I do it for a reason, some day I'll tell u why..., I dont say "we'll never have a fight"; But I'll say I'm really sorry when I realize u were right..., I dont say "Life together will be...easy & bright"; But when things get tough..., I'll hold u tight to me...., I got nothing more to say, I got nothing more to prove...,
But Always remember.... I Love you forever