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Monday, December 31, 2012

Missing you

When every laughter of mine is followed by a tear,
When every morsel of mine is followed by a pain,
Know that I am missing every moment together.
Know that I am missing every chat that we had.

No matter where life will take me next time,
No matter that I may never meet you again,
I shall always wait for you to come back.
I shall always hope to be together again.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tragedy or Truth

It is the moment after I met you that I found the meaning of true love. Before that time I only knew the term love but had never felt it as much as I do now. Now I can not forget you even if I want to. Why can't I forget you? I know I will always forgive you no matter what you do.

Love does not involve testing each other but sacrificing for each other. I love you for who you are and so will love you forever. It does not matter howsoever stupid you will be and how intelligent you become. For you are but who you are to me.

The day may come in our lives when you will forget me. When that day would come, my world would cease to exist. It would be the day I will lose hope of ever getting as happy as I have been from the day I fell in love with you.

Some day may come when you think I am gone from your life. You will simply have to remember that you can never go from my heart as it is yours forever.

I always hate it when people who love me, get hurt for loving me. It is because of this that I never liked getting too much love from anybody. It is this that made me keep a distance from anybody I feared would come too close. When I was with you, I forgot all these things and that probably was the lesson from life I needed to increase my resolve.

I keep no hope with the living as they may some day die. Death is the only truth and as they say truth shall always prevail. One promise I will make to you, may it be in death or in living I will never stop loving you.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Break Up

I was always afraid of falling in love,
For I knew what a heartbreak would do.
I was always afraid of being stupid,
For it meant I would have to work now.

But in end fall in love I really did,
For my heart was filled with new dreams.
But I had to make such mistake,
For I thought i could handle anything.

My fear was not just a nightmare,
As the unfateful day did come to pass.
My effort was but a silly attempt,
As the thing was just beyond my grasp.

If I could just turn back the time,
I may tell myself to not love her so much.
If I could just not attempt the job,
I may not do the mistake that I really did.

Now it is too late to look back,
I really want my heart to just stop its beat.
Now it is time to take new job,
I can only take this as my own deadly sin.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Kuch Baatein Kahin Ya Na Kahin

Hum ye samjhe the ki unpe dil aa gaya hai
Hum ye samjhe the ki unpe dil aa gaya hai
Kya jana tha humne ki vo to bas ek saaya hai

Jisne muddat se kiya hai bas tera intezar
Jisne muddat se kiya hai bas tera intezar
Aaj wahi shaks tujhse kehta hi ki tu paraya hai.

Kabhi na badle vo khwaab hamare bhi the
Kabhi na badle vo Khwaab hamare bhi the
Na jaane kab palke band hui aur aap aa gayi

Ye raat ka andhera kab tak rahega saath
Ye raat ka andhera kab tak rahega saath
Ujjalle me hi to unse mullakat ka mauka hai.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Why I love you

I love you not just because you are pretty because that you are...
I love you not just because you are clever because that you are...
I love you for the happiness you bring me because of who you are....

I love you not just because you are helping because that you are...
I love you not just because you are friendly because that you are...
I love you for the care you have for me because of who you are.....

I love you not just because you are simple because that you are....
I love you not just because you are lovely because that you are....
I love you for the love you have for me because of who we are....

Monday, October 1, 2012


Haste hai khilkhilate hai, dost saath muskurate hai.
Gaate hai bajate hai, pareshan kar jaate hai.
Neend se uthana ho, Ya raat bhar jagana ho.
Paas hamesha vo hamare rehte hai,
Padosan ho nayi koi, ya ladki ko ghumana ho,
Gaadi kahin se dhund kar laate hai.

Haste hai khilkhilate hai, dost saath muskurate hai.
Gaate hai bajate hai, pareshan kar jaate hai.
Baatein na ho din raat,message hamesha ate hai,
Yaad humme tabhi vo karte jaate hai,
Roj mil paye na sahi, kahin dikh sake na sahi,
Par hamesha bahut yaad aate hai.

Friday, September 21, 2012

3 Foundations of Relationships

I believe there exist three things one should know about a person before getting in a life long relationship. They will form the core foundations for relationship. These things can be namely called as :
1) Full Name
2) Color of the eyes
3) Goal in life

Marriage is a bond in lot of civilizations that people adhere to and people give a lot of trust and loyalty to their partner. Thus trust forms the basis of the relation but it is knowledge that provides stability.
1)  Full Name denotes not only knowing the person you are marrying into but also the family or traditions that have been part of their life. It is understanding the environment around them as not only do you marry a person but you marry everything that makes them who they are.

2) Color of Eyes denote how closely you know the other person. Only a person who has seen in your eyes with confidence and read them would be able to tell you the color of your eyes. It provides us the measure of in-depth knowledge that we have about the person. It is only in a close relationship that we would be able to know the truth behind a person's eyes and it is that close relationship that differentiates a soul mate from every other person.

3) Goal in life is something everyone has, even if they are unable to decipher it. A goal can be changed by efforts and desires if not entirely by will. Knowing what the person is striving for, gives the direction their life is going and in future your life would be taking.  

Thursday, September 20, 2012


It may have been the silence,
It just had to be the dark.
As the road will always call,
Always feel to have long walk.

The street lights are all off,
There may be a storm calling.
I just closed my stupid graph,
And put on coat for a walk.

There is not a person around,
Still I don't feel a bit lonely.
As I am destination abound,
The path just seem to clear.

I just saw a speeding car,
Making noise in quite park.
I do not want to go so far,
As I may just get bit lost.

Soon darkness will be gone,
Light is coming in the sky.
Back to home I must go,
Begin another day gone.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Maut ka Intezaar

Chand alfaz like the,
Kuch baat kehni thi.

Intezar tha uske aane ka,
Fatak pe hi ankhen tiki thi.

Kayi din beet gaye,
Sab raatein chali gayi.

Na uska koi jawab aya,
Aur meri saas chali gayi.


It may have been a roadside thief,
But it is only the family that grief.

It may have been a angry mob,
But it is simple people get rob.

He was just playing in the park,
When he was taken into the dark.

She was very trusting at the bar,
When she is drugged and taken far.

You will be a friendly person to all,
Still you can be bullied and will fall.

You will be a ambassador of peace,
Still you can suffer at hand of justice.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Only for you

Pardon me, What you doing ?
Why you playing with my heart ?

Is it your Innocence or just
your playful nature.

Why is my life no longer so simple
as it used to be ?

Is it because of your secret or mine
 that we shared.

Why have I started to smile endlessly
and everywhere ?

Is it because of the fun that we
 have together.

Why is it that I have lost all my
 concentration ?

Is it because you keep reminding
me about you.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


A route I will have to take,
As for me it is but be made.
To pass away into the wild,
To walk away into the cold.

There are many crossroads,
So had been many a shores.
But I had to keep walking,
As long as there is a route.

It had taken miles of walk,
With no one around to talk.
Yet the road is always clear,
With nothing coming so near.

The goal I wanted was simple,
And time I had much in ample.
I had to look for her ever, 
To have a company forever.

They say the world is congested,
As they have never digested.
Companion is all that we need,
To make our life a real treat.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Nature of our degree life

Evening came along the way,
but no house was yet in sight.
Endless sand in path was laid,
Water in the desert been lost.

Night has arrived a wee bit sooner,
For creatures lay outside their lair.
Darkness grew in shadow of trees,
Hunters went from hunting to hunted.

Dawn was peeping through the sky,
Ocean seemed to regain its colour.
Waves had brought shells from deep,
As Ships continued to be anchored.

Morning sun rose above the top,
Mountains and hills standing tall.
Rocks surrounded all the paths,
Yet a flag flew high above them all.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yaadien Tumhari

Aaj bhi vo galiyan waise hi hai,
aaj bhi vo ghar wahin par hai.
Bas aaj nahi hai to vo sab dost,
jinke saath hote the hum roj.

Masti se bhare the vo sab lamhe,
ghumne me nikalte the vo lamhe.
Tanhai si vo chod gaye ab dil mein,
rulate to kabhi hasate se pal ve.

Saadiyon se lagte hai ab ye din,
un raat bharke hungamo ke bin.
jaane kiss awaz ki talaash hai hume,
sab sur kyu adhure lagne laage.

Bhid me bhi akela sa mann hai,
dur ho tum bas isi ka gum hai.
Pass rehte to pareshan karte the,
Ab sukh chin ke rakhne lage ho.

Chahe kai soo saal beet jayenge,
dil me hamesha tumare ayenge.
Kasam khate hai hum aaj phirse,
Maut bhi aye to dosti na bhulenge.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Pyar se usne pucha tha,
Yaar se maine bol diya.
Ki usne mujhe dekh liya,
Aisa hi mujhe kehna tha.

Anjan tha un baton se,
Pehle hua to na tha kabhi.
Ye rah bilkul nayi thi,
Par dil wahin par laga tha.

Usse roj nigahe dekhti thi,
Shaam wahin vo chuth jati.
Par pagal tha vo bhi uske liye,
Yehi to jaana maine tha aaj.

Jis din humne ye jaana tha,
Ki milna tha usse koi ek.
Vo dosti ki rah par se,
Dil ka rishta ab jayega.

Raat vo thami nahi thi,
Ujala pass na aaya tha.
Jaagti ankhon se maine dekha,
Kuch aapno me ek paraya tha.

Raat me usne vo kiya,
Jo kisine na socha hoga.
Pyar me koi kami na thi,
Par dosti usse nibhana tha.

Aashiq kayi hazar hue,
Dost bhi bahut bar mile.
Na mein usko bhul paya,
Na us jaisa koi mil paya.

Vo din ab sab chuth gaye,
Dil bhi maine sab tod liye.
Na maine phir dil lagaya,
Na koi aisa dost mil paya.

Ye rishta kaun kam leta hai,
Jo duniya me hi banta hai.
Doston ki koi kami nahi,
Par us se dost kam milte hai.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Learning In Life

Every person is supposed to have one specialty in life. These are career based by which a person is supposed to earn name and fortune in society. Another type of specialty is the one that defines a person. This is the parameter I started to judge people by. Every person I met could be divided among these sections and hence they became a benchmark in my selection of friends.

In my eyes these are the five values that form the pentagram of learning in life.
1) Kindness(Daya) denotes the capability of a person to assist others selflessly. It is the ability to relate to the suffering of others. It encompasses the humility that one needs to have when dealing with less fortunate people. It also includes the friendliness that one shows to the strangers. I do not believe it to be kindness when you help your friend in their problems but when you help people you have not known before.

2) Duty(Dharm) is not the job that a person is performing to gain money. It is not the work done with sense of foreboding. Duty is the deed one performs with honor and selflessness. A person who keeps his word always. Every commitment he makes becomes a promise. Every task he undertakes is with a desire to do his best. This quality of doing the right things and committing to doing them is called duty.

3) Love(Prem) is one word that can be used for everything and everyone. From loving inanimate object to your parents. It is the one word that you use to connect with everything around you. It is the word most commonly used to show affections. It is also the feeling most difficult to possess in its true form. Being in love does not been doing anything for love. It means being ready to give everything, simply because you want to.
To state the kind of love I am taking about, it would need an example. Many lovers say that they would give their lives or take some one else's life for their loved ones. True love would mean you love every person and would choose all life above anything. You will die before you take anybody's life. Live because you love everyone around you, and know that you will surely and dearly missed.

4) Sacrifice(Tyag) - When a person dedicates his life for the service of his country or society, he has to make lot of tough decisions. Such decisions come at the cost of sacrifices. It is the sacrifice that depicts the devotion to a cause. A real life example comes to mind. The story of a railway guard who sacrificed the life of his son. The railway guard had the duty to lower the bridge for incoming trains and on one such occasion his son got stuck in the mechanism. To prevent train accident and resulting life loss. The father sacrificed his son and performed his duties midst his son's screams.

5) Forgiveness(Shama) To know all is to forgive all. People who live by this definition are the ones that have the ability to forgive. They are understanding and realize human nature and tendencies. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

IF life gave a Second CHoice

If I had a second Heart I would still give it to you to be broken again.
For that is how much I loved you.
If I had a second Chance I would still want to be with you forever.
For that is how much I wanted you.
If I had a second Life I would still sacrifice it for your happiness.
For that is how much I care for you.
If I had a second Choice I would still choose you for a partner.
For that is how much I know about you.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Itefaaq se hum mile the,
Jaane kab pehchan hui...
Kuch din thodi baatein ki,
Aur dosti ki shuruvat hui....

Kam hamare alag alag the,
Phir bhi roz mulakat hoti....
Na jaane tum kab ruthi ki,
Din mein bhi tab raat hoti....

Jis din thoda has deti thi tum,
Shaam masti bhari ho jati thi....
Ghumne Phirne ki aadat apki,
Humme har kahin pahuchati thi.....

Aate jate bas milte rehna tum,
Kabhi bhi bhul na jana humhe....
Yaad hamesha rahegi aapki,
Bahut sataya hai aapne humhe....

Monday, May 7, 2012

Blood Bath


From the deep darkness it crept,
Blood filled eyes that never wept...
As the world remained in slumber,
A new prey had come in wonder....

In its claw he had newly clutched,
As the heart and soul lay scorched...
Every time a hunter did get close,
Another devil out of graveyard rose....

Whole land is becoming desert,
Entire population is being hurt....
It just did take a single human,
To profit in mistake of a roman.....

There seems no peace from time,
Everyone just looks for gold mine...
A period of unrest it had brought,
As corpses were being left to rot....

New ray of hope we must bring,
Songs of change and love we sing....
Only way to kill a devil we find,
Angel to become or be left behind....

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dedicated to a Friend

Life is not about waiting for a storm to pass
but to have the courage to walk in one.
People can achieve anything in their life
What they need is just good company
to walk that mile in the heavy winds with
A person on whom they could depend on
to never let go when things get tough
you have been such a person in my life

Just remember you Lose one friend, you Lose all friends, n then u Lose yourself. nothing feels important after that so keep your friends close....

In war i live
In peace i find

College Time

Waha ki dhup b achi lagti th yaha k AC me b aram nh h……

Waha ghas pe baithna b acha lagta th yaha chairs pe b chain nh h……

Waha k samose b swadisht the yaha ke Burger me b swad nh h…..

Waha ki chai b meethi lagti th yaha ki ICE TEA me b mithas nh h…..

Wo blue uniform me ek confidence tha aj jeans me b comfort nh h…..

Wo Black shoes me jo baat th wo aj Adidas aur Nike me nh h…..

Colge bus ki aakhri seat pe baith k gaye hue gano ki jaise ab dhun b yaad nh h…..

Ab bs saamne ek computer screen hai aur hasne layak koi mazak nh h…..

Faculty se ladte waqt ye pata b nh th ki manager k samne kuch bol b nh paenge…..

Ab to ye b nh pata hota ki hm wapas ghr kb jaenge…..

Ek jhuti muskurahat liye hm jaise ji rahe h….

Zindgi ka koi b gum ho ofc k kaam k sath pi rahe h…..

Subah ka ek message “Aj nahi chalte yaar”….

Ab “its 9.30 where are u” me badal gya hai…..

Pehle jis hasti ko lagbhag pura colg janta th….

Aj wo ek CUBICAL me simat k reh gaya h…..

Pehle ek dusre ki party me jaise bill badhane jate the…..

Aj ki partiyo me thodi si khusiya pane jate h…..

Pehle best frnd b’day pe cake na laye to gussa ho jate th…..

Aj to best frnd se b’day pe mil b nh pate h…..

Wo Colg group ki ladaiya jo agle din hi bhul jate the….

Aj Developer aur tester ki jung me tabdeel ho gayi hai…..

Exam hall ki “ek line bata de yaar”….

Wo ek line ab google pe b nh mil rahi h……

Pehle jinhe ghanto baith k hasate th……

Aj unse ji bhr k baat krne ka bhi time nh h…..

Pehle jinse mile bina din nh katta th….

Aj unke bina zindgi kat rahi h……

Wo mid sem me ek shabd b na likhne ki azadi…..

Aj jaise badi badi Xcel sheet update krne ki majburi me tabdeel ho gayi h……

“Tune kitna padha plz mujhe b padha de yaar” yaha koi nh sunta…..

“I have done my work please review it” hi hamari favrte line ban gayi h……

Dil kehta sari bandishe tod k wapas chali jau….

Ek baar fir apne colg me wapas laut jau……

Log kehte hai tu badal gayi h yaar…..

Aur Main kehti hu meri to puri duniya hi badal gayi h…..

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

School Days

The life was so very simple,
For as sun rose in the sky
We still crept in our beds,
Thinking more new dreams 

As our mom came to wake us,
We gave her our pleading glare,
Trying the best of all our reasons,
To just miss the school that day.

None of our deception did work.
So we had to brush and bath.
Taking the bag and lunch along.
On cycles our journey had begun.

No matter how soon or late we are,
Friends would wait for a ride along.
There were many races to be won,
And lot of girls to be raved about.

Just as we all made it inside the gate,
The bell rang to tell we just made it.
No matter how much haste we made,
We never made it to prayer in the hall.

All the teachers and every period,
Accompanied by snores or gibber.
No lunchbox would survive to recess,
In need of time to play and chase.

As love advice and gossips were shared.
Plenty of remarks our dairies have gained.
To think we knew it all was  just a folly.
Our world was still made to be happy.

All our evening were spent in football,
till guards would send us back home.
Only few lucky homework got done.
For morning was there to copy or fake.

In tests we would always end up fail,
But no pride was there to exceed it.
In exam days we would never sleep.
working and studying the whole week.

We always wanted to be big and strong,
but childhood we never wanted gone.
Those were days i always cherished.
for here me and my friends had bonded.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

For my sis straight from heart and the stupid brain

I want to be the one reason to make you cry
I want to be the person that makes you laugh
As the world around us would continue to grow,
My love for you would never cease to flow.

My desire is to take away your sadness,
While giving you my share of happiness,
Every day we shared together was like a fest,
From fighting each other we never took rest.

In you lies a riot of emotions I respect,
It gives the knowledge I must accept,
Every curiosity for your life that i show,
It is only way to give care that I know.

We may part ways sometime ahead,
I would still push you on from behind,
Tragedies may come and go in our lives,
But you can call me no matter my wives.

I cannot promise to be there forever,
But i will be able to forget you never,
As the times together are itched in memory,
It is those days that has become our story.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My college kitten

She was creeping under the table,
Had some fear and some venture.
Looking like one out from fable.
Having no care for her future.

Her eyes searching for food,
as she glided past my shoes.
Kept a milk bowl on the road,
While she peeked through rose.

Her life has been very simple,
as adventure is daily habit.
She is favorite of girl with dimple,
not just beauty but every bit.

As is case with every kitten,
her cute face is an attraction.
My sis looks love bitten,
while she shares her ration.

When i reach college canteen,
she walks beside expecting.
While everyone is busy partyin
she just keeps on staring.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

For my Love

If a tear comes from my eyes, it is because of you.
If sleep is not there in night, it is because of you.
Every blood drop in my heart, it screams for you.
Every moment of my dreams, it screams for you.

Any noise reaching my ears, it reminds of you.
Any place that i go outside, it reminds of you.
Every sound my lips make, it desires for you.
Every time a phone rings, I desire for you.

Every step that my leg takes, Is pain for me.
Every flower and silk, Is pain for me.
Every object my skin touches, Is fire for me.
Even the cold rainy winds, Are fire for me.

Every inch of my body, Is prison for me.
Every room without you, Is prison for me.
Every breath in my lungs, Is death for me.
Time in your absence, Is death for me.