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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trusting Heart, Unseen Betrayals

To kuku didi, who gave me the idea

It is in humane nature to trust the people around him. He believes that the people who talk to him, who need him and with whom he has all the fun are his/her friends. It is such friends that he desires. After watching the series like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. on television and the movies in Bollywood and Hollywood that are based on college and school life such beliefs only gain more strength. What they never realize is that friendship no matter how long it has been, friendship will never prosper as long as it has not been tested. Every time there is a difficult time in your life and your friendship survives through those difficult times its value increases manifolds.

It used to be my belief in school times that every person or rather every friend of mine would survive this test. Maybe it was my trusting nature that i believed every friend would survive till the end. I believed that if i were to test them, everyone of them would pass and for the rest of my life i would gain the best of friends. As much as the school friends had solidified my ideas, college broke that idea out of me. For college had other things in mind for me, i never found more distrust in my life that which i found here. I never even had to even try to test them because there friendship would fail me even when live posed its minute problems. they failed whenever they were tested. the moment you dins the diamond of the coal and you choose that this person can be trusted and you could trust him. It would be that moment onwards that you will be looking at him with a different prospective, a prospective of a good friend.

You would desire to share with him, to know more about him and most important of all to trust in him a lot. You will believe that you have finally found your friend that you desired. It would be at this exact moment that you will find that your trust has been broken. You will find the reason due to which people used to call the world cruel. It would be after your trust has been broken that you will find yourself alone and you will never be able to trust any other person anymore. Every time a person starts to come close to you, you will remember the old days of your life and from then on create a mental shield and a invisible wall around you and the person you have met.

It is the single break in the bond of friendship that is enough to destroy a lifetime of the feelings of friendship from a heart. The moment a person has lost his trust in friendship and companionship that he starts to live his life alone. He starts to find meaningless and from then on his mentality modifies into "to each his own self".

In life i have seen a lot of people loose hope and trust but what i have found is that one of the worst among these people are the ones that have lost hope in friendship. So for the hope that was left in Pandora's box as the sole remaining right of living to humanity. Keep your hopes alive no matter how much and how many times it has been broken.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009



May this help you in your life and all your future en devours. The world is not different for it has people as human as ourselves living alongside us.

Why do i not see the true face of people?
Maybe because everybody has a side you have not seen and you only see it when you get too close to them.

Why am i not selfish enough to see my own life?
Well maybe because you were made to be the survival of good in this world. Believe in good and live in trouble is the way of life.

Why do i fall in love? Why do i love people ?
Love and care are yours to give. Give them by choice or give them to everybody. Whomsoever you give, do not plan on getting any back then yo would never fear to love nor care to be love. No matter where you or i go i will always love you remember that and stop caring for these common worldly people.

Why people get jealous of me?
You are my sister was that not enough for being jealous of you. Maybe because everybody wants success and you have it more than them. Those who compete or care never get jealous so let it be a point where you can test others.

Why people pretend to me and i can't make out the difference in the beggining of relationship only?
When anybody meets someone else he would always keep his best foot forward. To know somebody takes time. It took you many years to be who you are just as it took them it would at least take some days to know who they really are. Let this be a lesson so that you will learn and know that before giving a person a lot of time you can not under them fully.

Why do i believe people by their face value?
Next time just do not see somebody's face before knowing it.

Final unquestioned answer - In life you will make a lot of choices, some in which you will profit a lot, some in which you will fail. There are some that may be failing in the start but with enough patience and courage, you will always change it into best choice of your life.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Heart's tale on paths unknown

When I was younger, friends told me that they appreciate me because I am so ready to help them... a friend who listens, a shoulder to cry on, and has a ready advise for many of their problems. Now as an adult, friends still come to me in times of need and problems. Yet I don't see myself as effective as I was before. I wonder why... I'm not so compassionate now as I was when I was then... feeling the pain or lose or devastation of a friend... I feel I'm more detached... As if I'm just an observer from a faraway place and not really with my friend... I wanted to reach out, hug to soothe the pain, hold hand to comfort, and even just cry to let them know I'm feeling the pain... But I can't do it anymore. Sometimes I need to feel my heart if its still there beating, because I often think it has turned into a stone. I'm not happy about it anymore... I'm not content to just listen and give advice I wanted to be a real friend who is with my friend in times of need. What has lead me to these changes? Is it my past hurts and pain? The bad experiences that I had? Or the people who rejected and failed me too? I'm longing for that tender heart I once had, the heart of flesh.

I am just in college so i am thinking i am still young. My friends would always come to me whenever they had any problems. Every time they had any problem they would come to me looking for solutions or help and for problems that can not be solved a person who will make them forget those problems. Even till this day people know me as "a person who is ready to help others in every condition" - i got this as message from "D".

I am thinking that as we grow older our will for helping other is but the same. It is the degree of problems that increases. When you have got more friends with different problems and whose problems becomes more complex and difficult it is difficult to keep up. I always forget my problems pretty soon as if i never have any problems. So i never spend any time in solving my own problems. Some time in later stages of life with work or family or even life as it is, there may be some problems that i cannot solve or problems that i may need to solve if such things happens we will always look for others to help but then with our own problems to solve our mind is not solely helping but interleaved in solving our own and others problems.

It is not easy to know that your help throughout your life was not so important to people you love and cared for. If you have cared for people enough then you look for similar care which you do not get in life. That is the loss of having a loving and compassionate heart in an impassive world but if you live strong enough then you will be the strongest man in the world even if it be for your own self. This has always been my aim in life, to be the strongest man in the world. Stop looking at others for help or consent to acknowledge your efforts. When you depend on anybody for help you always end up thinking that even when i help, still i do not get help so why help ? Well the best way is to stop depending and the next best stop thinking. I just take the not depending attitude in life. Also people who help like to keep low profile so i think when you help the others realize you have helped but do not acknowledge it but you should know deep in there hearts they have done that ten times. So let it be.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rainy Day - 21st June

I had told my friend that i am gonna write about this day so here i am writing after so many days. The day had started wonderfully as it was another one of the days of my holidays. The usual part of the day was getting up late, after having been slept at 3 a.m. in the night or rather we can say day. Getting up at around 11 and starting my computer even before brushing teeth. As had been most of my days this day too went on joyfully as i enjoyed the freedom of doing nothing as such and but anything i wanted which comes during the holidays. The best part was just starting and i found about it in the evening.

For starters, i went shopping with a friend of mine which meant a difference from daily routine. Just bought some cloths for him and some gifts for his relations. It took us a lot of time to find parking space as we were in one of the busiest areas of the city (jail road). My training classes were just nearby so we shopped with ease till the last minute as there was minute chance of getting late. Finally when we had completed our shopping and i had left my friend to take a bus home. At this time the real essence of my story - THE RAIN - started to fall. I was just at a distance of about 1 kilometer from the class but even then till the time i reached the class i was absolutely drenched in water. It had rained cats and dogs, it was not even a rain but a heavy deluge. My t-shirt was so wet that when i took it off in bathroom to try to dry it, as i squeezed it the water which fell had filled half of a bucket. Lacking time i went to my class dripping loads of water, at every step that i took. I was the first to come to my class. The faculty there after seeing me so wet offered me not just any handkerchief or towel but the whole bedsheet. Few minutes of drying and standing below the fan had normalized me enough to be wet without leaving watermarks everywhere.

Just few moments later i got a call from my sister that she had reached the class and was also drenched pretty badly though not as badly as i was. So the size of the bedsheets were tested as we both had used it. We both were the only people on the class who made it that day as others didn't come due to the rain. That day was one of the best days of my life as i had the most fun i ever had with her. I do not know about her though, as this may not be the very best of her days, the reason for that will be clear later. So we both had lots of talk and fun with each other and yes also some few moments of studies that ended when the class got over around 7. What next ? The rain was still falling like Armageddon was close and the earth would end as one big water ball. The whole roads were flooded such that there was knee deep water just outside our class and all along the route. The icing on the cake was that my sister's vehicle wouldn't start. For half an hour, we took turns trying to kick start her ride which really told me that why a self start in my vehicle is so necessary. Finally we decided to leave her vehicle in the class itself and she took the ride back home with me. Well this is reason enough to make this ride a joy ride but this was not all the fun. Imagine travelling on knee deep water with continuous rainfall and you have your sister sitting behind you who has just recovered from an leg injury from an road accident. Even after all this we were travelling on new routes and dimly visible roads to avoid the roads fully submerged in water and craters(not holes). Well it was one heck of a ride. I will definitely remember this day for a long period and whenever i read this post again.
For my sister thanks for making this day so special.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

How to keep your friends forever

Humans are social creatures and from the moment of birth we tend to seek our place in the civlization. Every person begins his life's journey by looking for companions who will be accompaning him throughout their lives. It is the companion with whom, we can share our feelings and belongings. This companion without whom our life will be a barren wasteland. Such companion is our friend.

When we are young, we make friends very easily and it is at this time span that our friendship blossoms the most. It is the time when we just start to age that we become more and more choosy and possessive. It is from this time on that the only freinds we make are the ones that join us in our paths. We mostly make friends with the people that we study with, the people tha we play with and later the people that we work with. Every friend we make is thrust upon us by destiny. The ease of friendship is lost. So is the truthfullness and our nature of sharing everything that we have.

There is only one way to live and that way is to share. We never look behind to the days that when we shared our joys and sorrows with our friends. Our sorrows were not so sad and life empty but our joys would increase manifold. When we share everything with our friends our bonds are always very strong. For every friendship is based on trust and as long as your friend trusts you he will never leave you. What better way to prove your trust to your friend than haring every moment with your friend.

The next step in friendship is forgiveness. Everytime you forgive your friend only brings you more closer to him or her. when you forgive somebody then he will that your trust in their friendship is more than any damage he may have caused and he will trust you evermore. The final piece in the puzzle of friendship is the most important one. It is respect for each others freedom. you must always respect your friends choices and assist them whenever you can and want to. If you cannot respect what your friend says or does then you will never be able to assume that they will respect your ways.

If you can have all of these virtues with every person that comes in contact with you then you will not only be the best of friends with everybody but also the luckiest person on the earth. It is only the luckiest person on earth that can share all his life surrounded by the best of his friends. It is such life that you must desire and make efforts for.