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Sunday, August 18, 2013

War Horse

It was a windy day,
when I saw it first.
It was a foggy night,
when I had the dream.

It was faster than leopard,
when it moved.
It was stronger than elephant,
when it fought.

It had a fierce anger,
with which it just played.
It had a rapid pace,
with which it easily moved.

It had a killer streak,
as it removed all enemies.
It had a peaceful end,
as his dead body dries.

My wife

Rats all around us,
eating and eating.
Pigs all about us,
rolling and rolling.

It is not like a stable,
Not even like a sty.
It is just my kinda life,
Without my dear wife.

It starts with a journey,
And ends with a life.
It has its shares of ups.
and plenty more downs.

You will gain some money,
After sometime a wife.
But the road is a bit uphill,
Your dreams are downhill.

Lost in song

My mind is flowing like a river,
All thoughts just wander away.
My eyes keep searching around,
For glimpses that cant be stolen.

In the game of life and death,
It is the friends that shall matter.
In the fields of battle and will,
Your family is that lends hands.

For life gives obstacles unseen,
desire and effort became shield.
Crossroads at every decision,
Skill and Patience are able guides.