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Friday, September 21, 2012

3 Foundations of Relationships

I believe there exist three things one should know about a person before getting in a life long relationship. They will form the core foundations for relationship. These things can be namely called as :
1) Full Name
2) Color of the eyes
3) Goal in life

Marriage is a bond in lot of civilizations that people adhere to and people give a lot of trust and loyalty to their partner. Thus trust forms the basis of the relation but it is knowledge that provides stability.
1)  Full Name denotes not only knowing the person you are marrying into but also the family or traditions that have been part of their life. It is understanding the environment around them as not only do you marry a person but you marry everything that makes them who they are.

2) Color of Eyes denote how closely you know the other person. Only a person who has seen in your eyes with confidence and read them would be able to tell you the color of your eyes. It provides us the measure of in-depth knowledge that we have about the person. It is only in a close relationship that we would be able to know the truth behind a person's eyes and it is that close relationship that differentiates a soul mate from every other person.

3) Goal in life is something everyone has, even if they are unable to decipher it. A goal can be changed by efforts and desires if not entirely by will. Knowing what the person is striving for, gives the direction their life is going and in future your life would be taking.  

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