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Monday, June 23, 2008


Okay just finished with my exams, and after ending with the last argument not to take the effort of starting my own blog , here i am with my first post. Anybody who knows me would know i really do not like making any efforts that require the most hated word ""work"". So why am i writing this because somebody promised me a cake if i do this and anything for sweet and junk food as i always say. Enough of the background i think.

Well anybody who has opened this already would know who i am and all the basic ideas about me if he doesn't then just click on the title and find out as you see i really want to minimize the effort. Some people would want to know why i choose ""esterian tale"" as the name of my personal blog not something that would be more personal like maybe harshal's blog or charry's blog or ballack's blog (this one would be free publicity) or digital's blog (college people would really like this one) or any of the umpteen names my friends call me like dexter, jughead, fubu, gibbs, potter etc. the list is just too big to remember and write but i think you people get the idea.

Well the reason is that when i had to choose my biggest dream or rather a life's aim, i had great ideas but no name to it so i gave the only name that came into my mind. The name was ""esteria"". Now what exactly is special about this place. It is supposed to be the land of eternal peace, freedom and every good thing you can imagine without any of the vices. There would be no competition, no rivalry, no war and people would co-exist without any bad feelings for other people. It would be a place where people would easily search for their dreams where they would be free to make their choices.

This is the dream i have gave my life too to make a start towards creating such a place and whatever i try to do, i try to come closer to achieving this dream. i think this one is long enough to be the first post and people do not worry i would not be writing this long or this seriously.

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