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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Depth of the mind is like the depth of the ocean no one knows how deep it may be. I do not know the reason for it but the human psychology and its analysis came to me from birth. I was always able to find the good and bad both in people not that i ever used it much. But i would be able to easily understand a person fully. It is for this reason i trust even the people other never were able to trust. The more people i met, the more prominent this quality seemed to get. Though through the years i learned the art to look for both good and bad in a person but i kept only their good in my mind and leaving them and their thoughts alone.

Circumstances around me kept on changing all the time and so did the people around me. I had once read that things change and then people change. One thing kept in my mind though i was not able to change or rather i did not want to change. i saw a lot of people changing around me for right or wrong but i seemed to be developing yet similar. It would be right to say that i did not want to change at all, i liked my way of living. I could never force myself even to do what affected people around me the most. Be it the T.V., world news or movies even social matters. I never liked the seeded way of enjoyments like pub, disco, sex. I did try them all for the sake of my friends but they never attracted me and i ended up distancing myself from all these materialistic drama.

People would say or believe that for my Eccentric way of thinking i would only have few friends. Strangely though be it for my psycho-analytical mind or care-free behavior or the search for friendship that i always ended up with a lot of friends anywhere i went. it was even surprising when even the most introvert people would open their hearts to me. People would tell me things and even their worries and problems without me having to ask them.

I would like to tell my new friends here though most my school friends had already found this. i had gone beyond the humane parameters of the word Acceptance. Such is its level that i would even accept the worst tragedies in my life within a day and move on without rethinking about the past. i would even see through an attempted treachery, let it happen and never rethink about what had happened or have any feelings toward the wrongdoer. It did result in a matter of concern though i do not know how to react around a sadistic person. I would also never know what to do or how to react when in the vicinity of a crying person. The best reaction i have been giving until now is to run away from the person as fast as i can. In such cases i do not care who that person concerned is he can be my best friend or even she can be my sister. (i have even done it at college a lot of times though few may have registered it.) People who are getting angry or rather touchy with my behavior or may be remembering how i have done the same with them. I want to tell them that this problem or rather the solution is in my first things to learn in life list. So my friends are allowed to believe that maybe the next time they end up crying(may it never happen), i would be with them and even for them. So on For The Infinite Time Of Our Friendship.

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