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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trusting Heart, Unseen Betrayals

To kuku didi, who gave me the idea

It is in humane nature to trust the people around him. He believes that the people who talk to him, who need him and with whom he has all the fun are his/her friends. It is such friends that he desires. After watching the series like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. on television and the movies in Bollywood and Hollywood that are based on college and school life such beliefs only gain more strength. What they never realize is that friendship no matter how long it has been, friendship will never prosper as long as it has not been tested. Every time there is a difficult time in your life and your friendship survives through those difficult times its value increases manifolds.

It used to be my belief in school times that every person or rather every friend of mine would survive this test. Maybe it was my trusting nature that i believed every friend would survive till the end. I believed that if i were to test them, everyone of them would pass and for the rest of my life i would gain the best of friends. As much as the school friends had solidified my ideas, college broke that idea out of me. For college had other things in mind for me, i never found more distrust in my life that which i found here. I never even had to even try to test them because there friendship would fail me even when live posed its minute problems. they failed whenever they were tested. the moment you dins the diamond of the coal and you choose that this person can be trusted and you could trust him. It would be that moment onwards that you will be looking at him with a different prospective, a prospective of a good friend.

You would desire to share with him, to know more about him and most important of all to trust in him a lot. You will believe that you have finally found your friend that you desired. It would be at this exact moment that you will find that your trust has been broken. You will find the reason due to which people used to call the world cruel. It would be after your trust has been broken that you will find yourself alone and you will never be able to trust any other person anymore. Every time a person starts to come close to you, you will remember the old days of your life and from then on create a mental shield and a invisible wall around you and the person you have met.

It is the single break in the bond of friendship that is enough to destroy a lifetime of the feelings of friendship from a heart. The moment a person has lost his trust in friendship and companionship that he starts to live his life alone. He starts to find meaningless and from then on his mentality modifies into "to each his own self".

In life i have seen a lot of people loose hope and trust but what i have found is that one of the worst among these people are the ones that have lost hope in friendship. So for the hope that was left in Pandora's box as the sole remaining right of living to humanity. Keep your hopes alive no matter how much and how many times it has been broken.

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