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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Imagination has a power you cannot imagine

Have you ever traveled in space, or met with an yeti or seen a unicorn, for it will seem impossible to you. There are a few things in the world that know no bounds. One such thing is an imagination. Though I may not have a penny with me but I can still imagine a life as the richest man in the world.

Imagination is also the root of discovery and invention. It is in this direction we should consider the power of imagination. Imagination is the constructive that has shaped the course of world throughout the history. An example is the world famous Newton's apple that is but a short meter of the reach of imagination in the complete discovery and understanding of the world.

There are ways to harness and utilize imagination for betterment like for increasing productivity and allowing rapid growth and development of any manufacturing industry but constructing efficient machines. It also helps in enhancing ideas of marketing and advertising which allows the sales for a product to scale to very high proportions.

Though we can use our imagination to make unimaginable changes in any and every field we desire to for it is a tool that can make our desires happen. There is a desire no one thinks as possible in the present scenario and thus largely escapes us, it is a desire to see a world full of peace and happiness. Is such a world possible in reality? No. Is it possible in imagination ? Of course. Everything is possible in our imagination. Simply by imagining such a world allows our minds to ponder over the ways in which such a world can be made possible. I prefer to imagine a scenario in which all the countries in the world would peacefully coexist and everybody shall work together. Such imaginations though too far from realization is necessary to to establish hope of a better future for the generations to come and will make the people start transiting towards it. Every person working towards his imagination in this direction is making his imagination get closer to becoming a reality. It would take a massive improvement in our way of living to result into a better life for the living. So if you desire anything in the world "JUST LET YOUR IMAGINATION GO".

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