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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


When we hear from our parents, how people use to live in the olden times. A picture is generated in our minds and that picture gets more clear from the readings of books from that era. It was the same from me and i had developed a vision that meant to me to be the golden period of humanity. It was never that people were not selfish then or there were no wars. It was the importance given to the human values and significance given to what was believed to be good for society.

In such a modern time where people are unusually self obsessed. Where values such as truth and freedom have no meaning, and they have just became meaningless words. It raises doubt and concern on the direction of development. The reason people are now going into information age. They know what is right but what they don't know is doing the right thing. People know speaking truth is important and lying is a sin. What they have learned is the art of deception. We make our own secrets that we keep not realizing that only those have reasons to hide that believe they are in the wrong and such wrongdoings must be protected from the knowledge of society. While hiding feelings that may harm others is not in the wrong but hiding your own doings is simply knowing what was done was not right and trying to hide it makes the sin greater as it creates a coward who can not bear the consequences of his or her own actions.

What they do not understand is that every truth comes out some day and all there fears may come true but hiding from that fear would never let you live like a man. Conquering fear is not in living with it but understanding it to remove it from your mind. Only then would you be able to truly conquer fear. So shun from keeping any form of secrets from your friends or anybody for that matter and you will see a change not only in your life but in the society itself. For when you change the society changes with you.

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