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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

School Days

The life was so very simple,
For as sun rose in the sky
We still crept in our beds,
Thinking more new dreams 

As our mom came to wake us,
We gave her our pleading glare,
Trying the best of all our reasons,
To just miss the school that day.

None of our deception did work.
So we had to brush and bath.
Taking the bag and lunch along.
On cycles our journey had begun.

No matter how soon or late we are,
Friends would wait for a ride along.
There were many races to be won,
And lot of girls to be raved about.

Just as we all made it inside the gate,
The bell rang to tell we just made it.
No matter how much haste we made,
We never made it to prayer in the hall.

All the teachers and every period,
Accompanied by snores or gibber.
No lunchbox would survive to recess,
In need of time to play and chase.

As love advice and gossips were shared.
Plenty of remarks our dairies have gained.
To think we knew it all was  just a folly.
Our world was still made to be happy.

All our evening were spent in football,
till guards would send us back home.
Only few lucky homework got done.
For morning was there to copy or fake.

In tests we would always end up fail,
But no pride was there to exceed it.
In exam days we would never sleep.
working and studying the whole week.

We always wanted to be big and strong,
but childhood we never wanted gone.
Those were days i always cherished.
for here me and my friends had bonded.

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