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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

For my sis straight from heart and the stupid brain

I want to be the one reason to make you cry
I want to be the person that makes you laugh
As the world around us would continue to grow,
My love for you would never cease to flow.

My desire is to take away your sadness,
While giving you my share of happiness,
Every day we shared together was like a fest,
From fighting each other we never took rest.

In you lies a riot of emotions I respect,
It gives the knowledge I must accept,
Every curiosity for your life that i show,
It is only way to give care that I know.

We may part ways sometime ahead,
I would still push you on from behind,
Tragedies may come and go in our lives,
But you can call me no matter my wives.

I cannot promise to be there forever,
But i will be able to forget you never,
As the times together are itched in memory,
It is those days that has become our story.

1 comment:

Nikita said...

Thanks a tonne...It was a pleasure reading....and the sentiments are touching...made my day...and i guess whenever im low this is going to be a moral booster.