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Monday, July 16, 2012

Learning In Life

Every person is supposed to have one specialty in life. These are career based by which a person is supposed to earn name and fortune in society. Another type of specialty is the one that defines a person. This is the parameter I started to judge people by. Every person I met could be divided among these sections and hence they became a benchmark in my selection of friends.

In my eyes these are the five values that form the pentagram of learning in life.
1) Kindness(Daya) denotes the capability of a person to assist others selflessly. It is the ability to relate to the suffering of others. It encompasses the humility that one needs to have when dealing with less fortunate people. It also includes the friendliness that one shows to the strangers. I do not believe it to be kindness when you help your friend in their problems but when you help people you have not known before.

2) Duty(Dharm) is not the job that a person is performing to gain money. It is not the work done with sense of foreboding. Duty is the deed one performs with honor and selflessness. A person who keeps his word always. Every commitment he makes becomes a promise. Every task he undertakes is with a desire to do his best. This quality of doing the right things and committing to doing them is called duty.

3) Love(Prem) is one word that can be used for everything and everyone. From loving inanimate object to your parents. It is the one word that you use to connect with everything around you. It is the word most commonly used to show affections. It is also the feeling most difficult to possess in its true form. Being in love does not been doing anything for love. It means being ready to give everything, simply because you want to.
To state the kind of love I am taking about, it would need an example. Many lovers say that they would give their lives or take some one else's life for their loved ones. True love would mean you love every person and would choose all life above anything. You will die before you take anybody's life. Live because you love everyone around you, and know that you will surely and dearly missed.

4) Sacrifice(Tyag) - When a person dedicates his life for the service of his country or society, he has to make lot of tough decisions. Such decisions come at the cost of sacrifices. It is the sacrifice that depicts the devotion to a cause. A real life example comes to mind. The story of a railway guard who sacrificed the life of his son. The railway guard had the duty to lower the bridge for incoming trains and on one such occasion his son got stuck in the mechanism. To prevent train accident and resulting life loss. The father sacrificed his son and performed his duties midst his son's screams.

5) Forgiveness(Shama) To know all is to forgive all. People who live by this definition are the ones that have the ability to forgive. They are understanding and realize human nature and tendencies. 

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