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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tragedy or Truth

It is the moment after I met you that I found the meaning of true love. Before that time I only knew the term love but had never felt it as much as I do now. Now I can not forget you even if I want to. Why can't I forget you? I know I will always forgive you no matter what you do.

Love does not involve testing each other but sacrificing for each other. I love you for who you are and so will love you forever. It does not matter howsoever stupid you will be and how intelligent you become. For you are but who you are to me.

The day may come in our lives when you will forget me. When that day would come, my world would cease to exist. It would be the day I will lose hope of ever getting as happy as I have been from the day I fell in love with you.

Some day may come when you think I am gone from your life. You will simply have to remember that you can never go from my heart as it is yours forever.

I always hate it when people who love me, get hurt for loving me. It is because of this that I never liked getting too much love from anybody. It is this that made me keep a distance from anybody I feared would come too close. When I was with you, I forgot all these things and that probably was the lesson from life I needed to increase my resolve.

I keep no hope with the living as they may some day die. Death is the only truth and as they say truth shall always prevail. One promise I will make to you, may it be in death or in living I will never stop loving you.


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