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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Break Up

I was always afraid of falling in love,
For I knew what a heartbreak would do.
I was always afraid of being stupid,
For it meant I would have to work now.

But in end fall in love I really did,
For my heart was filled with new dreams.
But I had to make such mistake,
For I thought i could handle anything.

My fear was not just a nightmare,
As the unfateful day did come to pass.
My effort was but a silly attempt,
As the thing was just beyond my grasp.

If I could just turn back the time,
I may tell myself to not love her so much.
If I could just not attempt the job,
I may not do the mistake that I really did.

Now it is too late to look back,
I really want my heart to just stop its beat.
Now it is time to take new job,
I can only take this as my own deadly sin.

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