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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Never trust a girl

I mean no offense to any girl. I just took motif from Axe Chickipedia which is a comic program on the stereotypical females of the modern society which goes under the impression that boyfriends are there to please them. How a innocent young man falls in love with such a woman is what the poem is really about.

She called me a dump,
and I told her she could use me as one.
She called me a fool,
and I let her tell me all that she wanted.

She said I was a liar,
so I gave my entire list of inner secrets.
She said I was a cheat,
so I gave away all my new friendship.

I treated her to lunch,
yet she always asked for the dinner.
I took her shopping,
yet she always asked for long drives.

I called her my love,
but money was all that she needed,
I called her my life,
but death is what she finally gave me.

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