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Sunday, April 14, 2013


// Dedicated to the multiple deaths that have taken place around me.....

An untold journey it was always going to be,
No words would be able to tell it to you,
For you could not realize it ever completely,
The day it had begun it had already ended.

His life had just started to get bit interesting,
People home would still love him today.
Meaning was the only phase he never knew,
Cut short was the happiness in whole family.

He had worked very hard to get where he is,
Struggle in life kept him awake at nights.
Never was he able to enjoy fruits of labor,
It came as another pain in his thorny road.

There was nothing left that he still need to do,
Nowhere would they find things interesting,
Satisfied completely from what life became,
He never realized when it came and he went.

P.S. - Each stanza stands for death during a phase of a man's life, as child/young/adult or old.......

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