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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Walk like a child

An adult will walk with only his destinations in mind..... A child enjoys his journey.... An adult always walks straight while a child walks whichever way he likes... An adult is ever cautious with every stranger he meets while a child trusts any person with his life.

How O how i dream to walk.
Why O why i cant just talk. 
My brain is set with my home. 
My heart just wander in Rome.

Flying is my heart and soul.
Crawling is my hope and goal.
The rope is set so tight around.
The wall has got me fully bound.

The wind calls me towards it.
The forest beckons me to sit.
Everything has me perplexed. 
Something has got me flexed.

I want to go live back in ages.
Out of these big bitter cages.
Freedom is what I want now.
For every person that I know.

Simple life would be so easy.
It would then just seem crazy.
Push and pull with fun all time.
With no thought if this is crime. 

Just like a child I want to walk.
Knowing that my life will rock.
Give me back that simple heart.
Take what you gave of your art.

I want to do the boo-boo again.
There was no need for any gain.
Call me when the world change.
Then I will be back in my range.

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