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Saturday, July 6, 2013

In love lies the Mystery of Death

I have died and reborn as the undead king,
I had lived yet never heard the death sing.
Creeping at the soul of my heart was the raven.
Reeking of the blood is the sword of the one.

There lies no tomorrow to the heathen sky,
Here truth falls down smitten but the lies fly.
Sleeping in the corner is the man of old.
Living in the shadow looking for pot gold.

Graveyard stone writes the tale of my world,
Winds of time are looting the ashes in mound.
Stars are there while all men I knew are gone,
For better life or journey one awaits no more.

Lying still is the path that I had once taken.
Long gone is the time that leaves were shaken.
There was no more the noise that I hated.
Nor is the touch there of the ones I loved.

// Dil pe kabu kar le vo insaan kahi nahi... Khuda bhi ishq ke samne har man leta hai....
  Hum bhi ussi khuda ke pashinde hai...Ishq me har jaate hai ishq se nahi har sakte...

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