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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Prelude - The immortal shield

It was a Saturday evening, I was reporting on the new section at the jewelry shop in the mall. It was an everyday affair for me. The shopkeeper believed his rotating panel would change the shopping experience. He did not realize that customers would find it hard to choose without a clear view. Yet it was important to cover the news due to strict orders from my editor. The owner was a close friend of my editor.

So in the next half hour, I interviewed the owner by giving lot of importance to him and took bare minimum photographs. I was nearly at the door and was planning to leave. That is when I my eyes saw those two men, standing about 2 feet apart from each other. They had a strange look in their eyes. I made an assumption that they a physical confrontation was about to happen. So I waited there itself to mediate if necessary. I moved closer to eavesdrop on them and was soon able to hear them talk.

Man 1: You made the decision. Now, you are not supposed to be in these lands.
Man 2: You can no longer stop me. I have become very powerful and cannot be defeated in a fight.

Being so close, I noticed a faint yellow glow emanating from the second man and he seemed to be holding something sharp in his hand. It was like a small knife but unlike them as it was sharp on all 4 sides.

Meanwhile the first man was speaking gibberish for a few seconds. I could not make them out as he was whispering them out. The second man just collapsed on the floor. Two more men came out of no where. One of them had a dark red glow while the other had bluish glow. These two men did not come near the scene but still seemed to be part of it.

The 2nd man was coming back to consciousness and getting on his feet. He seemed to have lost his glow and his knife. He looked weaker than before. The 1st man had changed his focus on the new arrivals.

Man 1: You were warned not to interfere in the human affairs, that was the treaty. Human lands were also no longer battlegrounds for the immortals.

Red glow man: It is not long before they will be. There are not many defenders left. When you people are gone the treaty among our three factions will no longer hold. A void treaty will not hold back the immortals.

Blue glow man: It may be true that the defenders are the only people protecting the humans from immortals. Yet humans are capable of defeating them. Still this man did not belong to our faction. So we need not be summoned. He just disappeared.

I could hardly control my astonishment. Before I could register anything the red man also had disappeared. So had the first two men.

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