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Thursday, August 21, 2014

My precious sister.....

Today is the best time to let you know my dear sister, how much you mean to me. All your caring ways and little pieces of advice are appreciated deep down by my heart. I always respected your opinion because I know it has always been for my benefit. You always had the qualities of being loving, caring, supportive and protective which makes you the best person to be around with. I love to spend time with you as it feels nice to have someone with you, who guides you, helps you and even opposes you when needed. The best part is that we do that for each other.

It always leaves a smile at my face and laughter in my mind when I think about the little things we fight about and how you suddenly used to make up after a brief moment of anger. That may be one of the reasons I love to fight with you so much. For I know no matter how stupid I am and the huge mistakes I make. You will always understand me and never stop trusting in me. Each fight reminds me how stronger our bond has become and also how you trust me so much and that you rightly believe I would never say, think and do anything to hurt you in any way.

Our memories together will keep fading away as time passes yet the love of a brother and sister that we share will only grow manifold. We may have a lot of fun times together being children but at the end of the day we are both mature enough to understand the strongly woven web that interconnects us. We understand the relation that keeps a brother and sister so close as to share everything and yet sometimes far apart to be forgotten.

I am so glad you are my sister. Always be in touch and never say goodbye. 

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Nirvika said...

Thank u so much for this lovely gift...m really glad to know what u feel for me , as a brother , and I m sure that this brother- sister relationship will remain as it is..forever. Again thank u for being my brother n my friend ....n u will always be a chota BRO for me... :-) :-p