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Monday, November 2, 2015

The story of a story

Once upon a time, the story just began.
It was the story of a foal and of a man.
The foal spent his days galloping in the garden,
the man spent his evening feeding and straddled.

The days went by in the life of the yearling,
as began his training under an expert handling.
The journey of the stallion finally had began,
as he was ridden all around the track and land.

No distance seemed too long for his hooves to fly,
and no hurdles too hard for the reins to climb high.
The days were fast paced and the nights silent,
the ground just a blur and the stables resting stop.

The highway looked like a distant dream, from the
 window of his trailer he screamed. 'Let me run free'.
He wanted to run, gliding past everything his eyes could see
and more, maybe have fun, with no hand controlling his actions.

The dream remained just that, as he raced and raced,
and also fathered away many a foal of his own. Yet,
His energy was in vain but he did not want to fail,
but the body was weakening and the muscles aching.

The horse just laid on the field and never got back,
and the man wrote this story of the horse that he had.