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Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Dead May Talk

There were days when she used to spent entire time in the clash of the ideas with him. Now, she spends her time recanting those same ideas as her own. It has been a year since she has slept in her own bed. A year since she had a coffee at the shop next street and a year since she watched an episode of FRIENDS on the television. It has been a year since the fateful night he died in an accident.

She knew in her heart there was a problem, when he had called in the middle of the day. He would never call her during office hours and especially when she would be with clients. His voice sounded so different, for he wanted to convey so much. He probably knew he did not have much time left. He maybe knew she could hear the sirens in the background and did not want her to know as much. The only words she heard were "Ï love you" before the call got cut. She had already guessed the worst and wanted him back on the phone. She wanted him to hear her say, that she loved him too, but nobody would pick up.

He never made it to the hospital, as his body had given out from loss of blood. She had seen the calmness on his face as they took him to be cremated. She was angry at him, for he had been lucky enough to get his last message across. Something that would haunt her throughout her life. The last thing she had told him was 'I hate you', for he had made the eternal sin of not washing his feet before getting into the bed.

Today, she wanted to tell how much she had missed him. How she had listened to everything he had said. She had cut her hair short because he liked it. She had stopped smoking because he didn't like it. If only she could get to tell him all this. Maybe a few more seconds telling him that after he left she realized how much he had affected her with his presence. She could still smell his scent from the room. She wanted to talk to him yet every time she tried she felt the absence. There was no reply and no reaction. She could give away her possessions in life to be able to see his smiling face as he opened the door everyday.

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