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Friday, August 29, 2008

BIRTHDAY TIME (just a month to go)

Well i had started this blog as a diary but it is turning out to be a place where i am explaining my past and present rather than daily happenings. A lot of people believe or rather most of them believe that i am a whole lot of enthusiastic and fastidious* about my birthday. (* meaning hard to please and excessively concerned)

So here i am to tell all concerned why is it that i love my birthday so much and why i wait for it and prepare for it. It is a day i am waiting for every year and even the whole year. Before reasoning i would like to ask you some simple questions.

When is a day when all you friends call you without desire ?
When is a Day you get to do all you want and people don't ask why?
When is a Day you get a lot of gifts from people ?
When is a Day you can party all day long ?
When is a day you can call your own special one ?
and many more such questions

Well all these questions would surmise to a single day that would be my birthday. I live everyday of my life for others and it is only my birth day that i leave for myself . Well some of my friends believe for me birthday is about birthday gifts. They are not that afar. I like the prospect and the nature of gifts. Gifts were something that you do not buy in your normal day to day life. These are things you desire but do not need. It is because of that i like people to think what gifts they are going to give me. I also like gifting people for every good reason i get. For history reasons i have been gifting people from when i was 14 and even on Christmas. Even gave gifts of as small as 5 rs. at that time. It is for that same reason that i like getting gifts.

Well that was the past, now for the future. I have given up on this idea completely for the sake of new friends who do not share the idea nor the aptitude for it. My birthdays were supposed to be fanciful and desirable but now they are just some birthday and only i am interested. For me the birthday days are over as the interest of the people around me has just gone. I still remember when i had a calendar specially marked for my birthday and i would cancel each day towards it. i didn't even buy calendar for it this year. As those who were interested aren't here anymore and those who are here are not interested.

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