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Monday, September 8, 2008

Classroom Thoughts

Okay this article is the noting of thoughts that came to my mind in a free lecture in our college. some of my friends in my college may even remember me writing it up.

A thing came into my mind that day. A River is the start of the ocean. If we take the whole route for a small river we see that a waterfall may become a river and that river would flow around many landscapes to find it's way to the ocean. Thus the river belongs to the never ending mass of ocean itself.

What i really thought from this is that my life looks pretty similar to that of a river. It started with a small beginning. I lived a life which can be said to be complete in itself, making my way through the various phases of life, going past the obstacles, crushing through the difficulties. In all finding the easiest path to reach the end which may be the ocean or the death (For people who hate death talk i would like to state a Chinese proverb that i found in a war book, here - ""Think of Death while living and notice Danger while Safe.""). Every day a live and every moment i flow, the days of the ocean come closer. The time is coming when the final battle shall come before the ocean or even the mainframe of the society (crossroads of the rivers.).

The battle that i talk about would be the one to change the society in its completeness, to make a bit of change in every river that i meet. In the end we have all been the part of the society that we have taken from and given so much to. For while we are flowing everything that we may gain may it be knowledge, success and even failure in the life we will be ending in the same waters. The change i talk is not political or religious as some may think but philosophical or rather theological in nature.

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