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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Of my friends how many would have thought that i look like a 10th class kid. That too in my 3rd year of college but a girl had to do that. Wow i look young. Okay just my luck had to share my train compartment with a girl on the first day of my travel in the northern regions of the country. Well i am not exactly unhappy but looking six years smaller than you are isn't the best way to start a journey. A train journey in the AC compartment of the Malwa Express into Ludhiana,Punjab.

Well, Welcome to my travel log. First stop what else but the railway station. Went to visit the Diesel Loco shed. Just to inform my friends i did not wake up in there i walked up to it. So what exactly did i do there. I learned about how to drive a railway engine. Not that i learned anything. I did look up everything pretty closely inside the engine even ran it for some time(couldn't move it). Some person had the courage to tell me about all the parts of the engine even the ones that are below the train. I call him courageous because he really tried fighting a lost battle. Common i could not remember most of the things even six hours later back in my hotel room. I will have to say here that i did try to learn but the sheer amount of the buttons, controls, switches, parts actions were 5 times more in number and complexity to those that i have seen in a fighter plane. If we had a single train driver than i would do nothing but envy that guy more than a pilot anytime for the amount of work he would be doing to control the machine.

After that back to the most usual of the "things to do while traveling" a.k.a. Shopping. When a lot of your friends have told you to bring them souvenirs you gotta just find the market and start onto a shopping frenzy. Those who want to know how was it. I have got some good news. From now on Indore is not the only one on my list for Ludhiana has not only challenged it but in their rivalry came out as the winner. The list my dear friends is the list of "THE WORST ROADS IN THE COUNTRY". I had thought during my previous travel that i would never see worst roads than i have seen in M.P. but now i stand corrected for i had never been to Ludhiana before.

People cheering for Indore have no need to get so much happy for what Ludhiana has lost in its roads has been compensated by its people. I found the most of the people in Ludhiana having a very helping nature and even the rickshaw drivers have nice-nature. I also found a great idea for the transit system from this place. They increase the size of the Auto so that it could easily accommodate six-seven people. Autos going in the same direction keep on collecting and dropping people en route from specific places to other places similar to our buses. The permit of the autos are thus cheaper as they only have to drive on the same route rather than move all around the city and is cheaper for the people too. An auto ride that would have cost them 50-60 Rs. just costs them about 10 Rs.

Back to the shopping. Shopping was mostly due to the large list of Monty's and rest was the gift, souvenir shops. So all i saw was these shopping areas only. I did do some sight seeing and window shopping also but that was mostly limited to time. I would like to add that i did enjoy the large size hot dogs, hamburgers and my first KFC's Chicken experience. Damn, i just got hungry again. Nothing like the hot dogs of my hometown though. That is all for Ludhiana folks.

Well here i am now waiting in the waiting room of platform no. 1, writing to pass my time before leaving for Jammu. U may get more from ours own about my journey there too if i get time to write. In all if you are planning to visit Ludhiana anytime soon then you should come prepared for shopping for the count of places of visit is pretty low here. Adieus Amigos my dear friends.

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