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Friday, October 17, 2008

Trip to Jammu

This one was a trip to remember not only because of the out of the world places and scenic views I got to see but also on the variety of people that i met here. Just a bit of history here, there was a 4 week long curfew in my hometown, Indore and a 8 day long curfew in Jammu. My trip began the very next day the curfew in Indore was over and in Jammu for the only 2-3 days there was no curfew. When i left Indore the curfew was just lifted and when i left Jammu a bigger curfew was going to start. The reason was a Hindu- Muslim tussle for the land allotted to the Amarnath Shrine Board.

After just a 5-hour train journey i reached Jammu at 4 a.m. in the morning. It took me more than an hour to find a hotel. I mean i had to walk for 1 hour before getting a place for my favorite pass time, the sweetest and the ever available Sleep. After the you know what we took a taxi later in the day. We visited the (always available anywhere in India) temples in Jammu. A surprising fact was the presence of every kind of sculpture in every temple that is idols of a lot of Gods in one temple. A not so surprising fact was the salesman kind of approach of the temple priest's. They were selling the prasad(sweets) right inside the temple in front of the idols. Next i visited the underground aquarium. Here i found a large variety and species of fishes. My favorite fishes were the piranha, cat fish and shark. I know what you people will observe from the names but i have a odd liking for the most dangerous of fishes than the most beautiful ones. People seeking beauty would like the rainbow fish, blue eyed and wave fishes too.

Next stop Mansar lake, the sheer size of the lake was very astonishing. It took me an hour of boating just to cover the 1/10th portion of the lake. Another fact about this lake is the amount of fishes one can find in this lake. When i was feeding those fishes from one of the feeding spots( a high rise that went inwards in the lake) i saw more than thousand fishes of half foot length coming near the rise for the prospect of food. i even saw 1-2 giant tortoise. After finishing my stock of fish food, i could not even see a inch of water free for as far as i could see. We even went to see the forest reserve near the lake i saw 8-10 different animal species. Though didn't tell about this Amber who wanted to go to the national sanctuaries with me and we couldn't.

The next day it was a wake up alarm at 6'o clock that woke me up from my slumber. So i was sleeping in the car while we were traveling to Patnitop Hill. So no photos of on the way natural scenes. At Patnitop i saw the apple garden, Nag temple, some colorful flower gardens. On the return journey due to excess of time we went to the Miami beach of Jammu, Jajarkotti river. Now this was a place i would have spend the whole day without getting wee bit bored. I had fun time swimming, diving and even running on the beach. After that the Jammu trip ended with the shopping and sightseeing.

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