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Friday, November 7, 2008

Religion - Battle for Gods

Battle of Religions

I wanted to avoid this one but with the increase in amount of people trying to convince me in Gods, Religion and Religious Ceremonies. I had to state the obvious. People believe in Gods for they believe in religion. Such is there belief sometimes that they even want to take the life of a fellow being to prove the supremacy of their own belief. My friends say these are kind of people who will kill for any reason, contrary to my belief that a man who kills others always has a reason to do so. So does religion only cause death or is it also the oracle of doom.

Gods as we call them or rather God if You have your own sole belief. If i take my religion for example there are Gods for everything like the God of wind, fire, water, sky, and even death(similar to Greek, Norse or even Egyptian but more in number). Gods were supposed to do anything but they were similar to humans(having properties similar to them, properties like anger, revenge, even war). If you call them Gods then all living beings would be God. If your belief is that there is a sole creator that has created the world and looks after it then you may be near the truth but yet far away. There may be a single creator for somebody has to be there if a thing is made for having made it but then the cycle is a never ending one. Existence of something means creation of it and Creation requires a Creator then who created the Creator. When i was younger i had given a lot of thought to this. My only conclusion was that there was no God to start the world. Then what was there in the world? How did we or our creator come into being? The only answer is the existence of a non-existent world(A world of nothing). If I had to believe in any God the it would be a God of Nothing and we do not need to worship anything if we believe in nothing.

A majority of people believe in after life. They think that as they never received any justice in this world they would get it in the another place after their death. Then why not die now if you dream of a place so great like heaven that is waiting for you on the other side. Why live in this world of diplomacy and survival. The reason is that there is no heaven and there is no hell. We came from nothing and to nothing we will go. So if you have anything to do or complete you will have to do it in this life and in this world. People who believe in parallel worlds. Just a friendly reminder that the sheer size of world is enough to have uncountable worlds at infinite distance from each other so that no world interferes with the other.

It is easy to see even if the belief of God is established then there are various religions there to pray or praise them. Why is there a need for people to pray ? Priests say that God loves his people and he needs to be prayed; for him to help them. Tell me if you loved somebody you would want him to ask you every time he wanted or you would give him anything he wanted even if he doesn't ask for it.what about gifts then shouldn't they be given to people you love. These reasons deal with the concept of prayers. If not tell me how do you look at this world. A world that consists of poverty, war, sadness, hatred. If theses were created in this world by the creator then such imperfection or lack of control is nothing to be praised or thanked about. I would rather like to rebel against his judgment and creation and would recreate the whole world than live in this one suffering. So why would anybody want to thank him. There may be devil who created these but as everybody says the creator can only be one so he is either a God or a Devil. If it is Devil, then we can all agree on the fact that we would never ever worship a devil. Even if it is the God then who wants to worship a God who has created evil and vices in this world. He may have created good but why did he think important to also introduce evil. Is it not his weakness or are we just his tools so that he may watch and play with us. As long as i live i would think about these things and until i find proof about God i would live to be called agnostic. So if you find an answer or reason for any of the above you may still try convincing me or else just forget it.


Vinayak said...

u hav a nice blog.
nice post
keep it up

Rajat Godbole said...

My Friend!

I would use the 'Age-old' example to prove my point...

1. 'GOD' as you speak of is not the actual concept of God as proposed in origin... What nearly everyone thinks of as God is a part of 'Divine' nature of God, which has been propagated by the Priests and Religious preachers.

2. GOD, going by actual concept, is mere 'Personification' of Energy responsible for the whole operation of Universe.

As even Einstein proposed, Energy and Matter existing in Universe are actually inter-related.

The Grand-Unification Theory (GUT)is all about finding a relation between that One single Dominating force of which the 4 prime forms of energy are sub-parts. {Electicity, Magnetism, Gravity and Thermal Energy (not sure of last form I mentioned)}

You may equate GOD with GUT, going by Science.

And yeah, as far as all other 'Social' and 'Ritual' part is concerned, that is, as I mentioned earlier, just a 'Branding' technique' used by Purohit's and Maulvi's and 'Church'...