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Sunday, June 14, 2009

How to keep your friends forever

Humans are social creatures and from the moment of birth we tend to seek our place in the civlization. Every person begins his life's journey by looking for companions who will be accompaning him throughout their lives. It is the companion with whom, we can share our feelings and belongings. This companion without whom our life will be a barren wasteland. Such companion is our friend.

When we are young, we make friends very easily and it is at this time span that our friendship blossoms the most. It is the time when we just start to age that we become more and more choosy and possessive. It is from this time on that the only freinds we make are the ones that join us in our paths. We mostly make friends with the people that we study with, the people tha we play with and later the people that we work with. Every friend we make is thrust upon us by destiny. The ease of friendship is lost. So is the truthfullness and our nature of sharing everything that we have.

There is only one way to live and that way is to share. We never look behind to the days that when we shared our joys and sorrows with our friends. Our sorrows were not so sad and life empty but our joys would increase manifold. When we share everything with our friends our bonds are always very strong. For every friendship is based on trust and as long as your friend trusts you he will never leave you. What better way to prove your trust to your friend than haring every moment with your friend.

The next step in friendship is forgiveness. Everytime you forgive your friend only brings you more closer to him or her. when you forgive somebody then he will that your trust in their friendship is more than any damage he may have caused and he will trust you evermore. The final piece in the puzzle of friendship is the most important one. It is respect for each others freedom. you must always respect your friends choices and assist them whenever you can and want to. If you cannot respect what your friend says or does then you will never be able to assume that they will respect your ways.

If you can have all of these virtues with every person that comes in contact with you then you will not only be the best of friends with everybody but also the luckiest person on the earth. It is only the luckiest person on earth that can share all his life surrounded by the best of his friends. It is such life that you must desire and make efforts for.

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