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Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm my own happiness

As I have always been telling others that if your happiness depends on others then you shall never be happy. The best reason for you to be happy is you. It is you who must search the joys of the world. If you look for your happiness in others then you will be disappointed one day or another. If you look for it in yourself then the only way you will be sad is when you will not be happy which in itself is an infinite loop.

I have seen some people enjoy life and a few become lonely just because they feel society is the answer to their happiness. People believe acceptance from the community is way to celebrate and be happy. While in reality community is nothing more than a platform for showing and spreading your happiness. In this era of community standings, defined lifestyles and overworked moneymaking mentalities; peace of mind can only be found in solitude. This corporate strategy is yet another proof of how one's life is his own to decide, design and develop. A single moment of solitude gives you the strength to fight all those tedious hours of work. Then why is it not possible that a single spark of happiness in your own self will provide you a way for fighting the sadness encapsulating your life and even spread some more around. Happiness is like the fastest spreading disease it just gets transfer from one to plenty in a matter of milliseconds. You smile and your friends smile.

It is my belief that every joke or laugh that you spread around creates an endless chain of laughter. It is the joy of every moment and somewhat ridiculousness of the situation that creates this laughter. I am not asking people to be ridiculous but just be joyous enough. When was the last time you were happy and when you were sad.

People believe in sharing the worries of others and their unhappiness. It gives force to the person to crossover the barriers of difficulties of life. How many of you have tried to remove sorrow than share it? Was the result same ? I hardly believe it would have been. It is better to invoke joy in person than let him ponder over the difficult phase of his or her life. A lot of people would believe what i am saying is right but some may have doubts about the whole idea. I am not leaving the option that some may oppose the idea completely. For those who believe as i do you already know that true happiness is also gained by helping those in need. People who have any lingering doubts, the best possible way to clear them is to experiment in life. Try living 6 days of life spreading and being happy and remaining as you now do. You will feel the change. Whenever you need help i will be there. For the non-believers only good luck for there life and may you join this chain some day.

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cindrella said...

it's nice yaar...........
actually i agree with this...happiness lies in ur own,so no need to search in others just find it with in yourself....