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Friday, March 19, 2010

Importance Of everyone

A story about a man living an insignificant life but being so important to our world.

It is always believed that it is rich and the helpful that are allowed to be kind and these are the most significant part of the society. What would happen to us if some cricketer gets injured and we lose a match. A lot as we tend to believe. What happens when a beggar next door gets killed in a road accident; we move on like nothing happened. Some who are kind and have some heart feel bad about it for a moment or two and fell quite happy with themselves for having felt so. Even they shall forget the incident in a day or two. If not think about it and plan something big but in the end just leave the whole thing as a new idea comes our way.

It is not mine to criticize the way of living of others but it was my heartfelt desire to aware people about the importance of very small people who though lead a insignificant part in our life, have been serving us and the society for a long time. In ways that we cannot even imagine.

If you had woken up early in the morning and tried to jog around. You will find plenty of early risers who have started their work long before you thought it was time to come out from your bed. One of them are the city cleaners. These government servants have been living a poor and simple life, cleaning up the streets and the parks including the household garbage that we tend to add to their work. Though the habit has developed more in today's youth it was not absent in the old days. It is the habit of carelessness towards the things that are not yours. If it is not littering and spitting on the streets, or throwing garbage in neighbor's lawn or just over the wall, then it is destroying monuments and damaging public property. What happens when there comes a day these people decide to take a holiday. What will be the state of life in the city. It would be a mess of all sorts.

It is not just the city cleaners but every small person that is doing work to help maintain the balance that the so significant people of the society and the people like us have done to destroy. It is the gardener who plants and maintains the trees and orchids while we carelessly break the branches and pluck flowers and fruits and still believe in going green and speak on how the city needs more trees. There are the night watchmen that keep you safe in the nights endlessly every night.

There are lots of people from which these were but a few examples. My wish is only that the next time you see any man treat him like a person not be pitied but a person honorable to have served you and others, living a life few can imagine and living it for others.

Dedicated to my friend on her birthday.

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