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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Journey to understanding Life

A lot of people have given a thought to what makes a person click, what is that force due to which a person continues to live and not give in to a meaningless life. On one such journey to find the truth i have made a discovery, though not a big breakthrough still acts as one of the stepping stones in understanding human existence.

There is a desire in every person as they always need an acceptance to the good that they commit. There is a necessity for being recognized by the people they love. Every man and woman may sacrifice a lot for the person they care for without any materialistic wants but a tiny hope lies in their hearts that the person they care for would acknowledge their effort. Even the love of our parents that we deem the pinnacle of love you can get,   it is determined to be the most unselfish of all love in the planet but even this bond seeps its strength from the respect and love that is returned back by their children. They would care for you and assist in fulfilling all your desires without regards to personal gain or loss, only a belief that when you become successful in life then you would look back in time and remember the efforts they have put in.

I speak of these not to justify that there is no selflessness in humanity but rather to tell that every act of person that he has done for you must be properly received. Though a person does an act from free will and without thought of a personal gain but still he has hunger to be accepted and you can give happiness in their life by doing so. Spreading happiness around you will only mean more happiness in your life. When you take the things that your friends have done for granted then you deny them pleasure and deep satisfaction of having done some unselfish deeds. They tend to count them as their accomplishments and have more reason to live a happy and helping life. There is no shortcut of surrounding yourselves by good people than by keeping them happy and close to you.  

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