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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

For my Love

If a tear comes from my eyes, it is because of you.
If sleep is not there in night, it is because of you.
Every blood drop in my heart, it screams for you.
Every moment of my dreams, it screams for you.

Any noise reaching my ears, it reminds of you.
Any place that i go outside, it reminds of you.
Every sound my lips make, it desires for you.
Every time a phone rings, I desire for you.

Every step that my leg takes, Is pain for me.
Every flower and silk, Is pain for me.
Every object my skin touches, Is fire for me.
Even the cold rainy winds, Are fire for me.

Every inch of my body, Is prison for me.
Every room without you, Is prison for me.
Every breath in my lungs, Is death for me.
Time in your absence, Is death for me.


savvy said...

who is she?

Rajat Godbole said...


Aisa kyun lag raha hai ki this one is on someone else's line of writing? :-P

Achchha kaam hai re.. ;-)