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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Romantic movies

Although my most favorite genres in the movie arena would be the fantasy, scifi or comedy movies. I did end up watching an occasional romantic movie here and there. Finally that I have taken the task of finishing a list of romantic movies given by my friend as a must watch. So I just wanted to write the untainted list of my favorite romantic movies before starting the journey and then another list at the end of it. So of all the romantic movies that I watched till date for change of mood. These have become my favorites.
I hate ranking the movies so consider them as top 3 and not really as one better than the other.
"P.S. I love you" ,  "Walk to remember"  and "Serendipity". Of the three Serendipity seems to be the  only movie in which the protagonist survives at the end of movie. I have made an uncanny assumption that death and tragedy are always the ultimate test of love. Any love that survives beyond  the death of someone , is the one worth remembering. Yes "Music and Lyrics", "Sleepless in Seattle" "500 days of summer "or "Wall-E" were pretty good movies too but they did not have what it took to make the list of best three.
I watched P.S. I love you one the advice of my girlfriend so that was a period when love was in the air and Ireland was always my dream location for it's castles. Combining the two with the excellant storyline and human pyschology. I really wanted to have a girl whom I would love so much. I remember watching Walk to remember as eveyone in my college was watching it and qouting from it during college. The storyline of the movie left a vacant spot in my heart. The need to have a person to share your life with you. It had all the facets of love life in it. Finding someone, getting to know them and realizing you need them to be with you forever. It was also an example of perfect love and no depictions of sex or infatuations. I do not even remember why or when I saw Serendipity but it had stayed in my laptop for long time. The reason I liked it was the hope that destiny is designed to find us our true love and how small things in life can effect it as a whole.

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