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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Things woman say just to annoy you

How do I look - You look the same as you did yesterday. Dress, makeup or time of day does not alter your looks. That is just a myth propagated by the companies to increase their profit. It is the first example of consumerism everybody is told and no girl remembers. It is also a fact that every hour you keep on asking such questions only allows us to realize that may be you have some big issue that we may have missed. 

You are one of my 3 closest friends - It is customary among people to talk about their old friends to find any common one. While the guys show off the number of their friends by telling how they have plenty of friends. The girls pick just 3 and tell you that you are one of them. The figure never changes it is always 3 no matter even if you ask how many relations you have had before me. Every time you tell me that I think well it is clear that she is non-friendly in nature and I am one of the only foolish people who did not know that. So thanks for the information. 

I always wanted to marry someone better than me - The icing on cake is when they such a thing to you on first day you meet. It just creates a curiosity in my mind that if as you say somebody is way better than you then why in the whole wide world would he choose to marry you. A simple example that I gave to the last girl who told me that is for when you are selecting a guard. We need to a find a person who will protect you and not someone who is stronger than you. Similarly find someone who would spend the rest of their life with you and not someone who would leave you the moment he realizes either of the two things. First as you said he is way better than you. Second he has found someone else who is better than you and he does not want to settle for second choice. 

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