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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Two days, Two parties.... Same but different...

It is that week of the year where two big and special parties have combined. One was the big Diwali celebrations at Pavilions in UL . The other was the night party at Costellos Tavern in Limerick courtesy the ISBT(International Student Badminton Tournament). One was a party of Indians with a touch of foreign touche. The other an Irish party with similarities to the Indian college mischief bonanza....
The first of the parties was an all out Indian community affair (with few people from international community who were interested to know more about the Indian festival of Diwali). Albeit forced under deception to wear the traditional clothes to the party(few in my neighborhood followed), it was a fun thing to do. The party did start a bit late following the traditions of the Irish Stretchable time zone. Yet the surprise of the day was the availability of Diwali sparkles (fulzhadi - fireworks). The component of interest was the safety concerning the use of them. They had a bucket of water arranged as a place of disposal instead of throwing them in the bins or the mud to cool down.

The fun time was followed by a very formal dinner, similar to the ones you see in IIFA or oscar awards. People sitting in groups in round tables, where food was served in buffet style. I still have memories of Diwali in US which was an all out DJ party and sweets sharing affair. So a sophisticated and calm party was a welcoming one.

The second party was more interesting as it was a learning experience as well as a enjoying experience. We started by the tradition of pre-party. Strange as it may sound there is a party before the start of every party. The most satisfactory explanation for such party was that the booze(alcohol) is cheaper at home. So drink at home and then go to the party in the bar. Well I don't drink alcohol so it never mattered where I had watch others drink.

The Irish do not just drink, they make a sport out of the whole thing. I enjoyed a card game with drinking attached to it. Just a small explanation for the game as only Irish people can give you intricate details about it. A card is pulled out for each person. Who drinks and how much depends on the card. Like if it is a 4 then all guys in the party drink, if it is 6 then it is all girls. If an 8 comes then you decide a buddy who will be drinking every time you drink in the whole party. There was another card which when pulled you get to set a rule for the whole night. Anybody breaking that rule would be drinking each time he/she broke it. The time was usually 5 seconds for each time drinking.

After the whole drinking came the singing. There were a few musicians in the party who showed us their skills while all joined in the singing. There were also some mischievous or funny songs sung as a group.

Next we moved and rode a bus on our way to the city. The time in the bus reminded me of the college tours in India. Singing, screaming, taking pics madly and even teasing each other. In the city,  the first thing that happened broke all my doubts that apart from some extreme differences Ireland is very similar to India. The thing was public peeing by the Irish and the Europeans in the blind alley. Out of the bus and a few feet from the bar, yet the prospect of doing it like the lion of the jungle, openly was too good to be denied.

The final part of the day was the time spend in Costellos which is a very nice place. Especially the dancing on the floor and the beer pong on the tables. In all both parties went amazingly well and I cant wait for the others to happen.

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