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Monday, August 24, 2015

Life is a big Question

Life gives you disappointments and you in turn give them back to people. There is nothing more good and still malignantly evil as HOPE. Hope is the power on which the future of mankind lies, as men get elected to power in a democracy using hope as a tool, while some extremist groups create terrorists using their hope of better life in the afterlife.  Even the people who believe or seek solace in religion are nothing more than hopeful people. They are the ones who hope for a higher justice and seek the paranormal help to obtain it. They believe in hope of finding truth and peace even in the acts of benevolence and prayer. Maybe I do not know how to live in this world. As I have seen that hoping in hope just gets people into trouble. A gambler bets his hard earned money for the slim hope of getting a greater reward. Yet I have also seen that without hope some people I met could not have survived their turmoils. It is hope that makes a lot of relationship stand for long times and same hope that lets the bad ones run longer. Hoping to find a perfect mate brings people together as they search for connections. While hoping too much just create multiple doubts and distances. Sometimes I just want to give up on hope and try to achieve utter and complete hopelessness. Yet as I think about it, I do not want to hope to be hopeful about giving up Hope.

The last para does not even tell you half the story about the confusion of my mind.  In life there are many big questions that we ask ourselves in our loneliness. Questions like: Will someone care when I die ? Is there someone who actually cares when I am hurt ? Is there somebody who would remember me for what I am or recognize the sacrifices I have made ? Do people really like me or they are there just for their own motives.

For years now, I have been analyzing as I met more and more people. I have seen that appearance or how you look affects the perceptions of people the most. I am not even talking about the judgement that people give based on first look but even the long term friendships and relationships are based on it. This prejudice always exist in every part of the world but in different form. Even the gender and ethnic based racism are just the advanced form of this particular bias. All my life I have attempted to look beyond the stereotypical idiosyncrasies of the masses while trying to make new friends. Yet deep in the mind, the thought remains as I watch them avoid people who they deemed do not look good.

It makes me think about the bigger question. Would my friendship with some of them have existed if I had looked any different. Is the truth of the statement "I love you no matter how you look" nonexistent. It does not even matter about the looks if the character is questioned but then surprisingly it is not.

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