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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What are you going to do ?

The poor seem to have lost a cause,
Bending knee as every trouble came.
The runaways have never won war,
For their resolve is always the same.

The demons are the social spawns,
Bred by the selfish desires of one.
The lazy have stagnated in shell,
While they wait for things to run.

The rich may have found their way,
Fighting through the dust and rain.
The brave will find their success,
Walking beyond the fire and pain.

The angels live among the humans,
Providing help to those who need.
The diligent lead the life they want,
Shown in magazine cover we read.

The choices we make divides future,
As hunger drives us ever so closer.
No matter where your destiny lies,
The last survivor is never a poser.

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