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Saturday, February 25, 2017


The life of a warrior is the greed of riches and glory.
No war would exist if not for the greed of mankind.
The life of a merchant is the greed of profit and hen.
No poor would be found if greed could be vanquished.

The life of a priest is the greed of supremacy or future.
No souls would matter if not for the lies and deception.
The life of a farmer is the greed of grains and water.
No food would reach the mouth is not for grit and toil.

The life of a criminal is the greed of else and bit more.
No diamond is big enough to satisfy the growing appetite
The life of a hunter is the greed of kill and some skill.
No creature would survive for the monster with the gun.

The life of a leader is the greed of protection or power.
No mission would ever complete if not for their initiative.
The life of a parent is the greed of relation and blood.
No learning is better achieved than ones learned at home.

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