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Monday, March 20, 2017

The forest that was

There was a small forest near me,
with leafy greens and piney trees.
It lived a life undisturbed by deed,
around noisy roads and crazy beat.

Visiting it every morning and night,
brought true peace and often delight.
It was a place away from the crowds
where insects live and birds survive.

Shadows of the man casts a doubt,
In its mind either it kills or it plows.
Spending the precious time we have,
for flowery smell and fresh air we get.

One summer that forest was gone,
leaving hole and pained heart long.
Concrete was the enemy at land,
bringing our hope and roots to rot.

Humans were the culprits again,
touching lovely and thinking game.
Beginning to wonder all the loss,
to the wild nature and its maker.

Taking away the home of friends,
the earth will punish us in the end.
The costs shall be up manifold,
with every forest that today goes.

Moving again to a forest ground,
nature love forcing steps to rise.
Again have got a forest near me,
with different greens and new trees.

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