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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My college kitten

She was creeping under the table,
Had some fear and some venture.
Looking like one out from fable.
Having no care for her future.

Her eyes searching for food,
as she glided past my shoes.
Kept a milk bowl on the road,
While she peeked through rose.

Her life has been very simple,
as adventure is daily habit.
She is favorite of girl with dimple,
not just beauty but every bit.

As is case with every kitten,
her cute face is an attraction.
My sis looks love bitten,
while she shares her ration.

When i reach college canteen,
she walks beside expecting.
While everyone is busy partyin
she just keeps on staring.

1 comment:

Ankur said...

Gud one..really missing d college days..unforgettable days of life.