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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ireland - the land of pubs and parties

If you been to Ireland before ipso facto you already know everything in the blog below. If you have not been here yet you have good things to hope for. I have been to a lot of universities in India and in USA but this was the first campus that I found bars inside the university campus. Most places here are always full of activity and parties almost every night.

If it is drinking you want, or maybe just socializing or even use of your dancing shoes. You just need to walk towards the campus and you can have them all. If you are an Indian then Irish pubs are no different from their India counterparts. You will find the odd drunk guy dancing comically in the center, and maybe the couples on the sides making their own steps as they go. You will also find the loners contemplating their decision to join the crowd or mingle in the background with other loners.

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