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Monday, July 25, 2011

Amber's testimonial

I thought to add the testimonials that people have written of me. In the hopes that they may have understood me better than i have.

May 6, 2010

DIGITAL.i will try my best to not to write ur deadly mischiefs.....May be if i do that most of the gals may block u .like the Cosmo of jayesh, is that really of jayesh or urs ? Ahh man it's hard to unfold all good time we had together in our journey .One of the finest days of our life.We four not just frnds.Enjoying our engineering days,bachelors parties with soft drinks. being eccentric.evry1 knw u yar. u r 1 of the most famous guy in our class with ur hair growing long.ur own different style of long T-shirts.Pple often talk abt ur pungent smell.. OK i think we should skip that topic..U r the brother of half of the college one gonna forget ur patalpani pics.that was one of the weirdest pic i had ever seen .Ur room is our home during the exam times.Trying to explain each othr which we our self don't knw.The night we went out in the indore roads around 3 A.M.After college these r the things which remind me of u.He dare to laugh in front's just a beginning of a new era for us.gud lck bro

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