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Monday, July 25, 2011

Rajat's testimonial

I thought to add the testimonials that people have written of me. In the hopes that they may have understood me better than i have.

Sep 19, 2008

Though I am writing this testimonial, yet honestly speaking, I really don't know what all to say....I mean, Harshal has been my friend since 8 years. In fact, he was my very first friend at Indore. And even today I can remember the warmth in attitude and spark in eyes and smile on face when he had welcomed a totally strange boy called "Rajat" into his St. Paul's class-room.

But just as people say, rather "Sprite-people" say, 'Dikhave pe mat jao, apani akal lagao'- ye ladka vaakai kameena hai... apane ghar par to itna shareefon ki tarah rehta hai {especially when girls are around}, baki mere ghar par aake meri Wat laga ke jaat hai..

Ok, Ok, I think I am getting harsh on him.. but I just can't help it { ab bhadaas jo nikal rahi hai!!}. But sincerely speaking, this guy is really having a heart of gold.
He is one of those from whom you can learn a lot. He is humble, He is damn patient { that's why he can always tolerate my non-sense even for long hours}, he is caring { again, especially for girls} and he is always helpful. He stands behind his friends { and in front of his girlfriends} like a rock.

For me, he has always been a window to knowledge. Every time we meet each other, he has always got one thing or the other to let me know of { ok, not only of his affairs, but even interesting scientific research}. He has been, and I hope remains forever, a great friend, advisor and guide.

And yes, how can I forget?? I have been, in fact everyone who knows of it, jealous of his brilliant collection of books. Just as I mentioned, you can also learn the level of respect for Books... 

If you have really been patient to read this whole testimonial, probably you might have got an idea that Harshal is a "Flirt" { trust me, you are going in right direction!!} but No, he is, especially when he really wants to, a perfect Gentleman. He can be much more Formal and courteous than even me!! { you must be wondering ki main side by side apani tareef kyun kar raha hoon.. well dats ma style!!}.So Girls {espacially savita Tai}, need not to start getting ideas..

Yeah, that's one side of Harshal. Now a testimonial includes both faces of the coin. He may seem practical and straight forward to many, but trust me, he is damn emotional too. Probably that is the reason why he is at times confused {just like me}. Even now, he is really trying hard to prevent his emotions flow out on the event of Tai's marriage. but then, that's Harshal - tough from outside and soft on inside.

And now, as everyone who knows me knows, that i am a big-time lazy. So please, for rest of testimonial, refer to rest of testimonials written to him { I mean, jhooth bolne ki bhi ek limit hoti hai, main bhi ek limit tak hi jhooth likh sakta hoon}
Just Joking dude... for me, you would always be a Gem of a person..!!

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Rajat Godbole said...


Itna padhne ke baad bas itna hi kehunga....

"Tu Bilkul nahi badla re !!!" :P ;)