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Monday, July 25, 2011

Dimpy's testimonial

I thought to add the testimonials that people have written of me. In the hopes that they may have understood me better than i have.

April 23, 2008

This intelligent guy is nice, faithful, ambitious, kind, enjoyable, sensitive, caring, friendly,cool,full of life, cute & sometimes
sweet.But, what he is, is true friend . Harshal enjoys every second of life.He's unique, special,sensible, one of kind & i culd never hv found a better frnd. U can have a blind faith on him...Jst as he is among my best friends. He's bad at names,loves to sleep n read novels.He's caring n helpful by nature, always available whn u need him, never says no if he can help it, will never let you get bored, is a big chatterbox. U'l never feel odd in his company. Whenever u want 2 talk 2 him u'l find him there. He is always there to help u, always in a funny mood,& ive never seen him serious. He's a prankster, & a very gud liar so beware of him.

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