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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Modesty And Education

It is an inference that came after years of watching the ways of the world. The educated masses are the ones that are more modest. It is people who have achieved great heights that realize the effort of others. It is a common tendency among the learning, which is to pull everyone down to push yourself up. It is the learned that will help others to grow and sustain together while pulling everyone up to where they are standing.

I have read it in the novel "Who moved my Cheese" and an old literature poem about how, 'Life is just an endless race.' People will always want to change and always seek to be better than others. It is not about being better but about being different. You may have beaten endless people to reach where you are but a true winner is the one who does not have to stand alone. It is a dream of every person no matter how small or big, to one day become successful in his own eyes. This success is no more of a myth than that of a perfect crime. You can never be more successful than a person next to you but you can easily be as successful. People with desire of money would say is Carlos Slim(richest guy and yes it is not Bill Gates) not the most successful. The answer is in yet another question 'Would you say he is more successful than Laxmi Mittal or Warren Buffet.' If you say yes to that then you should stop reading here as the concept is way over your head. Maybe try reading some years from now. Those who have understood, the concept is simple to be successful in life you must not put your success before others but with them. If you can do that no matter how unsuccessful you are, you will have the satisfaction of never being alone. :) 

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