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Monday, July 25, 2011

Bhushan's testimonial

I thought to add the testimonials that people have written of me. In the hopes that they may have understood me better than i have.

April 7 , 2008 sahabjaade ke baare mein main kya of the best speakers i hav seen in my life...........and no doubt very hard working and intelligent ....possesses awesome combination of vocal skills and intelligence......and most importantly an interesting person.
ok charhate, yaar ab isse jyada jhooth nahin bola jaata... .Isliye ab thoda sach. Ek number ka nikamma hai........aajtak isne sirf aur sirf ek treat di hai aur wo bhi tab jab meri jab khali thi aur wo bhi "aapas mein baaat li" .ye kabhi kisi ko chain se khane bhi nahi deta. Aur to aur koi treat de raha ho to he is the first one present there.
newayz,Very nice person to be with and a very nice friend of mine . True that some of the moments with him in IIT ROORKEE & DELHI are those which i would cherish throughout my life...................

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